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  1. RMMV The Lost -DpC- || Play the Demo now! ||

    Sounds like some nice changes DPC. Haven't played it in over a year will check it out asap.
  2. RMMV Asylum: Secret of Caledria | Demo Available

    Fantastic game from a fantastic dev, download and play, you won't be disappointed. A lesson in how to keep your rpg on point and super focused.
  3. Screenshot Thread (PVGames)

    Thanks, yeah, I'm still tweaking layers etc.. to make things change as needed. Keeping track of all those layers are a nuisance.
  4. RMMV Remnants of Ardrus (CANCELLED)

    Black Cloud: I regret to inform everyone that after years of trying to make this work. RoA is now completely cancelled... Why? Well because I just can't put in the time to finish a project this huge and b, I am never happy with any version of it I complete. I would like to personally thank...
  5. Screenshot Thread (PVGames)

    It took 12 layers to make work but this is a WIP version on how interiors are gonna. Also if you guys are interested in following the project, click the link it my sig, I always forget to promote it.
  6. RMMV The Oath of The Undying

    Early WIP walking behind walls and through rooms. Quick idea of how it will work, not yet perfected but the general idea is there.
  7. RMVXA Beyond the Veil

    I didn't realize you were building this in Ace, looks fantastic buddy. Been following your screenshots for ages in the forum. You do great work with those assets.
  8. Screenshot Thread (PVGames)

    Thats super cool.
  9. RMMV Remnants of Ardrus (CANCELLED)

    the current classic looking graphics are time fantasy by Final Boss Blues, his forum section is the last iteration of the game with the diablo, baldurs gate style was medieval packs by PV Games...
  10. RMMV Remnants of Ardrus (CANCELLED)

    I've essentially restarted 3 times due to various issues. That's why I just decided to cut my losses and upload episodes when I feel they are ready.
  11. RMMV The Oath of The Undying

    Apologies. Never noticed that before.
  12. RMMV The Oath of The Undying

  13. RMMV Remnants of Ardrus (CANCELLED) Created a facebook group for anyone interested in following possibly contributing to RoA. Covers both my games.
  14. RMMV Remnants of Ardrus (CANCELLED)

    1 week in and 65 players across both websites. I can't thank you guys enough.
  15. as I got older, I lost interest in always being fit and started to dress as I am on the inside...

    as I got older, I lost interest in always being fit and started to dress as I am on the inside, shaved head, beard, heavy metal t-shirt jeans and I instantly felt better. I dressed much smarter before but I felt much better when I dressed like "me", instead of how I thought I should...
  16. There is something about when you finally find a look that shows on the outside who you are on...

    There is something about when you finally find a look that shows on the outside who you are on the inside that just makes a person comfortable and it comes more and more with age. For many years, I was in peak physical condition (kickboxing and all that) but I felt like I had to dress like my...
  17. RMMV Remnants of Ardrus (CANCELLED)

    Quick update to say, I threw in some little bug fixes. 1.1.1 is uploaded now.
  18. Screenshot Thread (PVGames)

    More of the same but boss battles can get pretty hectic!
  19. RMMV The Oath of The Undying

    Not a huge amount of progress as I've been busy with my online project and real life, but heres a video of the first boss fight.
  20. New Website Looking for Games to Review

    If you are interested dude, I have released a game thats playable in the browser. Only episode 1 for now but its got 30 minutes of content. or

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