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  1. Digital Religion

    Parameters and Window Opacity

    Ok This is driving me insane. I have a parameter set like so. * @param Status Window Opacity * @desc Enter window transparancy. * @default 0 * I then have this code referencing it. this._statusWindow.opacity = parameters['Status Window Opacity']; Now when i run my project with the the...
  2. Digital Religion

    Removing Default Windows

    I have created my own gold window with the code below which works perfectly. The only thing is that the original gold window is still visible as well. As Shown in image below. How would I go about removing the original window? Its something in the rpg_scenes.js right? My Code: (function()...
  3. Digital Religion

    How to change the white square that shows you where you clicked.

    I know I have seen this somewhere before but I don't think I am searching with the right keywords as I don't know exactly what you would call it. The movement Indicator perhaps. But searching for that brings me tons of other stuff. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Any help would be...
  4. Digital Religion

    Left Cntrl + Click walks over all tiles?

    Left Cntrl + Click walks over all tiles. Is this intended? Sorry if this is the wrong forums for this.
  5. Digital Religion

    How to close scenes with right click.

    So I am trying to close my scene, and it works fine as long as I use the X button, but I am not sure how I would go about adding the right click cancel as well. Any help would be appreciated.  My_Scene.prototype.update = function () {;     if...
  6. Digital Religion

    Excel Sheet with Classes and Calls and What nots?

    So when RMMV was released there was an excel sheet place on the forum somewhere that had all the classes and stuff that can be called for when writing plugins. I cant seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone else know where that file might be?
  7. Digital Religion

    Luna Engine Lite Tutorials

    I have been wondering when we would be getting the tutorials for Luna Engine VM lite. It was one of the main reasons I preorderd RPGMVM, and yet there is no way to use it. It has almost been a month since its release and still no questions have been answered. I am desperate to learn this. It is...
  8. Digital Religion

    Luna Engine Lite Updates?

    So I was curious when we would be seeing the tutorials for luna engine lite. I know Archiea has been sick, and stuff. I just didnt know if there was an update on this already cause I have not seen one. 
  9. Digital Religion

    Creating your own plugins

    I am in the process of learning my JavaScript, not only for working with RPG Maker MV but as well as in my professional career. I am more of a front-end developer. HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript for simple functions. So as far as making plugins for MV I am at a loss of where to start.  Is...
  10. Digital Religion

    RPG MAKER VM Luna Engine

    I see luna engine in the plugins folder of the dlc. but I'm not quite sure how to use it properly. Is there any documentation on it at all?
  11. Digital Religion

    Windows 10 and RPGMaker VX Ace

    Just to let everyone know. I have had some issues with installing Rpgmaker Vx Ace on the Technical Review of Windows 10. I installed it through steam several times and even checked the integrity of the files through steam. After each install it had told me Rpgmaker Vx Ace RTP is not installed...
  12. Digital Religion

    Replacing black borders with images.

    I have used several scripts that change both the resolution and the window size of my game so that they run in full-screen. I particularly like this script ( Which is the one I am currently using. Now with all of these scripts you tend to get a black border around...
  13. Digital Religion

    New games and looking forward to the future.

    I wanted to talk about some of the recent additions to the steam library. Aveyond: Lord of Twilight, The book of Legends, Last Dream, and a few others that I have seen, all of which where created with Rpg Maker XP, and VX. This gives me great hope for being able to sell my game on steam as well...
  14. Digital Religion

    Modified MONOGATARI Menu System

    Hi everyone. I am new to the community yet I have been using RPG maker on and off for years as a hobby. And I have finally decided to make a full game with it now with RPG Maker Vx Ace.   I decided to use the MONOGATARI Menu System Because it was really easy to use and edit on top of being...

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