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  1. Fornoreason1000

    More than 999 maps in a project

    i should add that changing tilesets is a another trick to make a map look like another. MV doesn't allow you to do so before loading the map though. but with some clever events with the use of Screen Fading it can be accomplished relatively easily. I will mention there is a huge spike drop in...
  2. Fornoreason1000

    Multithreading with Web Workers

    as stated, its hard to make use of the Web Workers in MV. MV's main problem I've noticed with performance is the creation of hundreds to thousands of objects in one frame(a 40x40 map will take around 100ms to create after loading, a 60Fps frame is only 16.6ms) which it uses PIXI.js to do. the...
  3. Fornoreason1000

    Yanfly's Btl. Eng. Cor.: how to move shadows with battler

    the Anchor notetag isn't designed to move the sprite itself, but the format on how its displayed from Yanfly's plugin the anchor is used for say a flying enemy that will have the shadow well below it or an enemy with multiple parts or just a format that requires the sprite to be off centre.
  4. Fornoreason1000

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    i think you mean this for changing scenes SceneManager.push(Scene_Status); now to make it select an actor you need to set a property in $gameParty via this function note that unlike most fucntions, this one takes an Game_Actor as a parameter instead of just an ID. /** * @method setMenuActor *...
  5. Fornoreason1000

    Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined

    okay based on that error, it sounds you've got a spelling mistake somewhere in the plugins settings. or your trying something that doesn't exsist. can you provide a screenshot of the plugin settings and the plugin load order. also can you tell me what ESC menu is? 'bind' is a special function...
  6. Fornoreason1000

    [Game performance/plugin] What ways can make FPS increase ?

    even on Desktop / Web , 4000 Objects is extreme, you want to use some kinda of Frustum culling, as Poryg said. in my experience Crosswalk has many many problems when it comes to ES6 in some cases ES5, this means Web Workers will not be coming to MV for Android anytime soon. heck i had a lot of...
  7. Fornoreason1000

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Fair enough, that makes sense. your code has one problems on why it will not work. the existent element rate is being squared e.g ( 64 x 64 = 4096 times normal damage!). Elemental damage calculation already happens behind the scenes. they use something similar to user.Elemental(4) and multiply...
  8. Fornoreason1000

    Help disabling step-in at the start of battles for MV

    okay i believe this is what does it Sprite_Actor.prototype.moveToStartPosition = function() { this.startMove(300, 0, 0); }; this is called immediately when the sprite is created, start Move is a function tha will progressively move the sprite to the define position, however, this actually...
  9. Fornoreason1000

    Save map in a variable

    JS Plugin Request is where I'd go. Post there, and if you want add a link to here. also tell them you are generating a map in game and link them to the plugin you are using.
  10. Fornoreason1000

    Save map in a variable

    No, because you are generating a map, the MapID is useless. The MapID is only used to find and load the map data itself. its basically a reference that comes from the editor. since the map data is a HUGE array of numbers saving it to a variable is not practical. You want the actual map data...
  11. Fornoreason1000

    Yanfly's event foraging system. Help

    Okay, i think i've figured out what you are trying to do, You want to make bunch of harvest able plants that will re-spawn in a few hours/days like Skyrim or the Witcher or some kinda farming game?. here how i would do this, instead of running a loop updating 40+ (this number can go up very...
  12. Fornoreason1000

    Yanfly's event foraging system. Help

    @FiercestPixel Firstly, thanks for providing screenshots. Secondly the Conditional branch, the reason it reaches 1000, is because it will break the loop once it is GREATER than 999. which jsut happens to be the point it reaches 1000 your loop is similar to this code. please note that this JS...
  13. Fornoreason1000

    Yanfly battle log help

    I don't think its an action sequence thing, its a Yanfly Battle Core thing. there's a setting that will simplify actions, skills and buffs etc. they are set to simple by default and since you have Action Sequences, i know you have Battle Core :ahappy:. these are the setting you are looking...
  14. Fornoreason1000

    Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads plugin lags the menu.

    I know i get Huge frame drops when opening and closing the menu and changing scenes, even in vanilla. but it's hardly noticeable. with about 200+ doodads (sometihng like that, i lost count but that's alot!), the lags from the menu becomes more noticeable, however this lag was always there its...
  15. Fornoreason1000

    Delete all windows of a specific type

    Not really? basically these windows don't really have a name, they have a type and it depends where you are trying to do this. be aware that some windows rely on each other and may or may not causes glitches if you close them unexpectedly. //this first line may cause errors if a scene doesn't...
  16. Fornoreason1000

    Issue with Equip Core

    Firstly, thank you for providing screenshots. these are an invaluable resource for helping you. I tested this code here <Equip Slot> Weapon, Weapon, Head, Body, Hands, Feet, Accessory, Accessory, Accessory, Accessory </Equip Slot> and this is the result Yanfly's plugins cannot make any...
  17. Fornoreason1000

    <Solved> Yanfly's Damage Core - How do I implement "scratch damage"?

    you can even call JS functions like Math.pow and Math.sqrt in those, infact any JavaScript will be accepted as long the end result is a number.
  18. Fornoreason1000

    Yanfly quest journal issue

    what exactly are you trying to achieve? it sound like you are trying to hide quest types and then wondering why they don't show up? is this the setting you are talking about? basically if you set Show Types to false for some reason all the quest do not appear, despite Yanfly saying it should...
  19. Fornoreason1000

    Yanfly Class Change core

    from what i can tell Necromancer is a predecessor of Shadow Lord. Necromancer as Lvl 55 -> Shadow Lord if that's the case your note tag for what i can see is Shadow Lord's note tag doesn't make much sense. You note tags <Level Unlock Requirements> Shadow Lord: Level 55 </Level Unlock...
  20. Fornoreason1000

    [RMMV][Yanfly] Issue: Party Member has access to all Class skills

    from: Yep, the reason i missed this because its not in the plugin file, but only on his site. And this is also the reason i couldn't reproduce this is explain via Skill types. This explains why those skills would be added if the skill...

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