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  1. VitaliaDi

    Are RPG Horror Games Still Current?

    @CraneSoft (It totally was off topic thanks for answering anyway lol) Good points! And I totally agree with that they're perfect for beginners to learn the program (me). That must be why when a good one comes along in all of the mass it gets great reviews :)
  2. VitaliaDi

    Are RPG Horror Games Still Current?

    @CraneSoft What's your ranking on the easiest and hardest types of games to make? And why do you think RPG Horrors are easiest? :LZSsmile:
  3. VitaliaDi

    Are RPG Horror Games Still Current?

    Like the title says, are RPG Horror games a thing of the past for most people or are they still current? Are many people still creating them and searching for them to play? I like making RPG Horror games, my first game was one. But I wonder how popular they still are since the well-known ones...
  4. VitaliaDi

    Game lore is set, just a bit more refining to go and then more work on weaving it into the plot...

    Game lore is set, just a bit more refining to go and then more work on weaving it into the plot :2k31:
  5. VitaliaDi

    New to Game Design

    I've finished two games now after starting way more and I'd say that the hardest part in finishing a game is all the little stuff at the end. Refining bugs, playtesting, grammar checking, and all the rest of the tweaks. You just have to push through though and once you do finish a game it's so...
  6. VitaliaDi

    MOG Chrono - Remove Sound on Event [Resolved]

    I figured it out. FYI for anyone else using this plugin: I removed the "charging" sound from one of the weapon tool sections (the Lightbringer) and things are working without the SE now
  7. VitaliaDi

    MOG Chrono - Remove Sound on Event [Resolved]

    @Restart I appreciate the help. I've tried researching how to open the console in MV and I can't figure it out. How do I do this? Also update: Removing the SE from the Chrono Engine plugin didn't work so I'm now unsure where the sound is coming from. I discovered it only happens when I use the...
  8. VitaliaDi

    MOG Chrono - Remove Sound on Event [Resolved]

    @Restart Those are the only ones I have in the project. I'm actually editing the project directly and just making my maps below the tutorial section that was included with the pack. I have different ones turned off so I can use the ABS system the way I want, but I don't see why that would affect...
  9. VitaliaDi

    MOG Chrono - Remove Sound on Event [Resolved]

    I can't figure out how to make it stop. There is no sound call in the event itself, but it seems to happen whenever I touch or interact with an event with text in a map. Something as simple as this will play the Item3 sound. I'm using MOG's Chrono/ABS battle system plugins I've tracked the SE...
  10. VitaliaDi

    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    @Pancaketophat Paint.NET is a free program and great for pixel art. You'd be able to resize that with the "nearest neighbor" option. @PixelHeart I think he looks pretty great. Nice pose and perspective. He could use a shadow I think and his left foot is turned out a tiny bit too much :)...
  11. VitaliaDi

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @dsiver144 that map and the tileset are gorgeous and super cute.
  12. VitaliaDi

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Looking for some feedback on my opening maps. Tileset by The Mighty Hand, edited by me. This is mostly just a fly-by section, that first room has stuff to interact with but the second is just a cutscene.
  13. VitaliaDi

    Tutorials! Yes or no?

    I g=hate forced tutorials. They're long and drag on and often tell me things I already know. I prefer short tutorials and ones that are optional. For example in Alice Mare (I think that's the game I'm thinking about) the game controls were set up in a little book you could read, or you could...
  14. VitaliaDi

    The Harsh Truth of Gamemaking

    I've been an artist since I was a kid so I'm used to the "there are thousands of people who do the same thing as you and many who do it better" scene. And though I like when people enjoy and connect with my art I also just have this overwhelming need to create. I really enjoy it and I know that...
  15. VitaliaDi

    Trailer making for RPG Maker games

    On Steam I usually skip the trailer too unless the art or game description catches my eye. I need to like the screenshots before I watch the trailer. And then I like short trailers, under 3 minutes, unless it's some artistic masterpiece in movie form like those Star Wars game movies. But, I...
  16. VitaliaDi

    Opening Movies/Cutscenes

    So far I've decided to make a skippable option at the beginning after presenting the idea that it will be a long story that they get told. Basically do they want to hear the history or not. I'll throw in references and lore building in-game too ofc. But I think just making it skippable at least...
  17. VitaliaDi


    Wow thanks so much for sharing! Will totally credit you if I use any of this. And since it's lovely I plan on using it!
  18. VitaliaDi

    Rookie Mistakes!

    Not having a backup for your game. I lost my first game that was almost completely finished because I didn't have a backup. (I still don't always have backups :kaoslp:) Other things I've seen or done are poor mapping, either too empty or too busy (still learning this one its totally a skill on...
  19. VitaliaDi

    Opening Movies/Cutscenes

    I'm working on setting up the lore to my game and to do that I'm creating a cutscene that explains the world's history with text and images. It's a bit long however, it lasts for a little over 3 minutes, and I'm unsure if this is bad game design. I'm working in MV so maybe I can make it...
  20. VitaliaDi

    August Goals and Progress Thread

    Update: -Got my world alphabet for Revallia designed, designed some concept art for the "cover" art done. -Finished all the main sprite editing for the main character Next is figuring out the ABS system by Moghunter, currently trying to hide the damage count that shows up above players and...

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