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  1. EthanFox

    Why Do Some Hate HP and Levels?

    I've always assumed it's just to do with it being an abstraction, which is something that some people like, and some people hate. I've always though this an interesting area of study because abstractions are a really important aspect of game design, but some forms of abstraction are generally...
  2. EthanFox

    Heavily Story-driven game

    This may be how you feel about the games you buy and play (as well as generally the media you like) but this isn't a universally shared point of view; personally I think, for example, that the visual novel medium is fascinating. I believe that if a person wants to tell a story, they can do it...
  3. EthanFox

    What makes a good store page?

    Admittedly, though, this is the point of my jeweller example. Your post reads at the start like you disagree with me, but the rest of the content doesn't sound like you do, so maybe I just wasn't clear enough. In your above example, a factor always worth considering is "addressable market"...
  4. EthanFox

    Heavily Story-driven game

    I'm fine with games that are entirely story-driven if the story grabs me. Then again, that's a good thing, as I'm making one! :elswt:
  5. EthanFox

    What makes a good store page?

    While I agree that pricing is a very important aspect of selling a game, I'd just say here for the OP's benefit that pricing is really subjective. There are definitely people (even among those on this forum) who would never pay a full price for an RPG Maker game; hell there are people here who...
  6. EthanFox

    How do you force RPG Maker MV to refresh modified images?

    Usually you can just reboot MV, i.e. close the application and open it again.
  7. EthanFox

    How can men write compelling female characters?

    I mean, it should be hard work. You're portraying someone's culture at the end of the day. This is a bit like how animators spend so much time animating walk cycles; not everyone knows what a good walk cycle looks like, but everyone can spot a bad one, because we all know how to walk and it's...
  8. EthanFox

    What makes a good store page?

    I just posed the question via the Discord. In retrospect I don't know if it was poor etiquette.
  9. EthanFox

    How can men write compelling female characters?

    Great example. I'd add to this; people have differing opinions about Joss Whedon personally, but the guy was, for a long time, an expert on having a balanced roster of rich characters. The Avengers is a great example of how it went well when it could've gone very, very badly.
  10. EthanFox

    How can men write compelling female characters?

    1. What do you think makes a good female character? Strictly speaking, I think you write a good female character by simply writing a good character; the fact that they're female doesn't have a strong bearing on it unless you are going to tackle a topic which hinges on the character being...
  11. EthanFox

    What makes a good store page?

    This is good advice, and it's one of the things I did when I first started. I seem to remember that a game called Super Lesbian Animal RPG ended up being my favourite "landing page" example. That's great, and I had a similar experience with NALE. I came from writing books for Kindle, and when...
  12. EthanFox

    What makes a good store page?

    There's some good advice here, so I'll just add one more thing - don't take your "views vs sales" metric to heart; that way leads to madness. A straightforward way to express this is with a metaphor about cheddar. Assuming you're not lactose intolerant or something, most people will eat a basic...
  13. EthanFox

    RPGMakerWeb 2019 Winter Sale + 2 New Voice Packs!

    Hey, is there a page which only shows which resources are in the sale?
  14. EthanFox

    Elevator doors

    As you've had some good advice about how to do it above, I would make a small recommendation - consider simplifying it, and just having them press the button and select a floor. In NALE, I originally did something like this for Nina's office elevator, but in the end I removed it and just had the...
  15. EthanFox

    Talk To Follower

    Oh wow, this might be incredibly useful for NALE.
  16. EthanFox

    Sushi restaurant (MV, tileset, RTP style)

    Quick bump. I'm starting to think the answer is "no". :guffaw:
  17. EthanFox

    What are some art resources you'd like to see more of for game dev?

    Actually, I would love a bunch more bubble emotes.
  18. EthanFox

    How to host browser-based version on

    You can still use the strip-out feature, you just have to do a bit of configuring. There are certain things it tends to miss, mainly stuff involved with plugins. Images and such. To fix this, create a common event in your project where you call all of the music, sounds and pictures that are...
  19. EthanFox

    How to host browser-based version on

    Did you use the option to strip out unnecessary files? That works, but it's very "aggressive" and sometimes stripes out too much.
  20. EthanFox

    How to host browser-based version on

    Hmm, I don't think so. If you open your deployed folder (like just on your hard drive) and open the index.html in the www folder, does the game run? If not, you need to fix that first as that's what's actually running.

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