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  1. EZaxess

    RMMV Skyward Realms [Re:Skyward 0.3.0x TBA]

    P R O J E C T U N D E R R E : S T R U C T U R E [FOLLOW FOR THE NEXT UPDATE] "Decayed by the scars of sin, war was imminent for our world. On Ethiryon; creatures from the depths of the spirit realm and the many things right outside of our reach stepped into the light leaving rifts in the...

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"Huh? You haven't backed up yet? *menacing stare* "
Been having a lot of fun playing Hearts of Iron IV. Had to restart a few times, but now I've finally conquerd Europe with my Axis friends, and am currently invading the Soviet Union.
Guess I'll rework all the existing screens in my game. Except of the save/battle screen. For this I will be lazy and use Yanfly. With my current pace it'll take a few months.
Electro Swing--it's like swing--but with electros.
Is it wrong to look like a dead fish at all times :)

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