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  1. Jiffy

    Twitch Chat Integration (Twitch Plays MV) v.0.9.0

    Ever wanted to let your toxic twitch chat control your RPG Maker game? If you answered yes, you're insane, but that's ok. Introducing JIF_TwitchChatIntegration. This plugin cofunctions with a Twitch bot that reads inputs from Twitch chat, allowing your chat to control your game. This is...
  2. Jiffy

    JIF Debug Core

    JIF_DebugCore Created By Jiffy Features/Explanation This plugin makes game testing much easier than ever before. With features such as Map and Item select, you can cut out all the tedious work you have to do within the editor and do it all in-game. You can open the menu through your main menu...
  3. Jiffy

    Octopath Traveler Battle System (Shield/Shield Break, Weakness Display, BP, etc)

    JIF_OctopathBattleSystem Created By Jiffy Features/Explanation The octopath traveler battle system plugin is a plugin designed to replicate octapath traveler's battle system (obviously). It includes a shield and shield break mechanic and a full BP mechanic. How to Use: - Place the plugin...
  4. Jiffy

    JIF Custom Skill Core (More Control Over Your Skill Forumulas)

    JIF_CustomSkillCore Created By Jiffy Features/Explanation Custom Skill Core is a plugin that allows you to create much more customized skill formulas with little to no JS knowledge. How to Use: - Place the plugin in your project's js\plugins folder. - Install the plugin in your plugin manager...
  5. Jiffy

    JIF Move Staling

    JIF_MoveStaling Created By Jiffy Features/Explanation Are you tired of players mashing the enter button through all of your battles? Do you want to add an extra layer of depth to your battle system? Well then look no further! Inspired by the mechanic by the same name from the Super Smash Bros...
  6. Jiffy

    Selection Window Help

    (Not sure if this is the right place, as I guess it could fall under a few categories, but I chose this one as I'm unsure if it's possible with JS.) I recently started working on a Window skin, and this is my selection graphics: However, in game it looks like this: As you can see, it works...
  7. Jiffy

    JIF Grid Inventory

    JIF_GridInventory V.1.1 Created by WolfFS (Also known as Jiffy) Features: Allows you to create an inventory system similar to Stardew Valley and Resident Evil. Parameters that allow you to take control of the plugin. Screenshots: How to Use: - Place the plugin in your js\plugins folder...
  8. Jiffy

    RMMV Farmlife Simulator - Farmstead (Discontinued)

    Farmstead is a Farmlife Simulator that started development mid 2015. The game started off as a side project in RPG Maker VX Ace using Celianna's Rural Farm Tile Pack but eventually evolved into a planned commercial RPG Maker MV game, with a change in graphics to Pixel Myth Germania and now...
  9. Jiffy

    Grid Based Inventory

    Hey, I'm looking for an MV plugin that can replace the normal inventory with a grid based inventory. I would also like to use the icon set for the item in each grid. For those of you who are unaware of what a grid based inventory is, it is basically an limited inventory space with grids, each...
  10. Jiffy

    Pixel Based Sprite

    Hey RM Web, I'm currently in the phase of my game development to where I need a main character sprite that people can play as when I release banned.url demos. I'm using Pixel Myth Germania and need a pixel based sprite. Here's a mock-up I made in the generator in terms of looks: As for clothing...
  11. Jiffy

    How to Handle a Romance...

  12. Jiffy

    What Type of Games are you Working on?

    Greetings Yet Again RM Community! So, I'm curious on what games you people are working on! Are you making a tradition JRPG? Or maybe something totally different? Personally, I'm working on a Harvest Moon/ Animal Crossing game that I started last September (TONS of work btw). But, enough about...
  13. Jiffy

    Opinions on How to Start Off a Game.

  14. Jiffy

    Finally, XenForo

    I love the upgrade to XenForo, it's by far my favorite forum software.
  15. Jiffy



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