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  1. Hyreal

    Event doesn't move to the player

    The Autonomous movement's are overwritten by anything in the event window when the event is activated. You need to set up the movement in the same place you have the event commands. Autonomous movement is what the event will do while not being interacted with.
  2. Hyreal

    Cut scene troubles

    Sounds like you need to check the box that says Wait for Completion in both the Balloon windows and move events. Make a switch called whatever you want "CS Part 2" or something. When the 1st character has finished doing everything they need to do, turn on that switch. Then on the other...
  3. Hyreal

    Puru's Artworks

    You're very talented :) good work! I'm sure you would get a ton of business if you decided to open a shop.
  4. Hyreal

    Larry Jones - Music Workshop

    No worries, I am currently not looking for commissions with music anymore but feel free to let me know, we'll see what happens. I do want to start another project at some point.
  5. Hyreal

    Ahraynia -

    Ahraynia -
  6. Hyreal

    Very nice and well done theme. I hope someone can make good use of this!

    Very nice and well done theme. I hope someone can make good use of this!
  7. Hyreal

    Goku Sprites rpg maker vx ace

    I can't open this file, it appears to be damaged or archived incorrectly.
  8. Hyreal

    Add text before EVERY text box in the game AND check face filename

    I think Yanflys extended message plugins can help with this. It has the option to check certain settings within the chat windows. If you havn't already, try giving them a look.
  9. Hyreal

    RPG Maker MV : Completely Black Sprites & Creepy Monsters

    black sprites? credit Candacis if ya use these though.
  10. Hyreal

    MV Sprite+

    I tried out your new sprites templates and I think they're much better looking now :) It really makes the foot look more defined and stand out better! Also the heavy females are great too, really good work on those :) Looking forward to the elves :)
  11. Hyreal

    MV Sprite+

    @breakout With a little bit of time and effort you can make your own clothing on Candacis' sprites instead of relying on what other people make. :) It feels much more rewarding and it's fun so don't give up! My skills aren't the best either but i'm learning in the process. I commissioned...
  12. Hyreal

    Stealth System You could make any kind of stealth system with these 3 plugins. edit: Just realized, you're after one for VXA...
  13. Hyreal

    Substitute Glitch

    The reason why that's happening is because it is the enemies turn and there for your players freeze in place when they're taking actions. For example if you set up an event that makes an enemy do something specific at a specific moment, like attack you when there HP drops below a certain amount...
  14. Hyreal

    Show battle animation has ? next to enemy.

    Tab 2, Show Animation on the event you have set up as the enemy.
  15. Hyreal

    Astaltw MV Ressources

    Nice stuff :)
  16. Hyreal

    MV-Character Creation with Custom Pictures

    If you aren't able to figure it out and someone isn't able to give you a proper answer I would say your best bet is to request a Plugin from someone to do what you need it to do, explain to them what you're after and it will save you a lot of time and hassle setting up events. Or, when you can...
  17. Hyreal

    MV-Character Creation with Custom Pictures

    I havn't used the Plugin myself yet so I don't know if this will help you but I figured mentioning it anyways. If you know how you could probably manipulate that plugin to do what you want. I'm sorry...
  18. Hyreal

    Ice's Generator Parts (09/22/2017-Updated!)

    Think the site the pictures were hosted on is gone. Can't see any of them sadly.
  19. Hyreal

    Wide bridges

    Nice! Also I like ya mapping :)
  20. Hyreal

    long sleeved cloak?

    Amazing work! I only made the 1 image anyways to see if that's what the OP wanted but your generator piece is better then anything I could do :P

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