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  1. Pierman Walter

    Negative consequences to using magic

    Because the abilities that cause irreversible hearing damage are map-clearingly strong, and are meant to be a last resort.
  2. Pierman Walter

    Negative consequences to using magic

    I made a little game where using your psychic powers caused irreversible hearing damage by lowering the font size of dialogue boxes until they were too small to read.
  3. Pierman Walter

    Draw This Again!

    Before and after I developed the definitive Everyman RPG art style.
  4. Pierman Walter

    What is this weapon called?

    Looks like some sort of glaive.
  5. Pierman Walter

    How do you deal with controversy over your game?

    The important thing to keep in mind is if their accusations are actually true. It's easy to think of your game as horribly offensive after receiving some bad comments, but more often it's just one person getting offended on someone else's behalf over something that probably isn't offensive, but...
  6. Pierman Walter

    Why do people complain about games that they don't play?

    I don't really get what's been going on here, but if you deliberately show people a poorly made game, and then they quickly realize how poorly made it is, isn't that a good thing?
  7. Pierman Walter

    You don't have to listen to all critique

    I think that game developers SHOULD listen to all criticism, but act upon it on their own discretion. A lot of bad games are terrible because their developers didn't listen to any criticism at all. Generally, a developer who is at least willing to acknowledge the existence of criticism has a...
  8. Pierman Walter

    Driving Me Crazy

    I was crossing the street at a crosswalk of a long street and looking both ways like a model citizen and a motorcycle runs over my foot, which is strange, since I could be seen from minutes away.
  9. Pierman Walter

    Favorite Breakfast Cereal

    I like Rice Krispies plain. The sugary ones don't do it for me. I also like Special K, which makes me paranoid, since the type of person who likes Special K gets up at 4 in the morning to go to Zumba class with her gal pals, plays frisbee in the park with her chocolate Labrador after work, and...
  10. Pierman Walter

    If you have one wish what would it be? and Why?

    Just my opinion, but that wish is unbelievably selfish. You are deciding the fate of everyone on their behalf. Sure, there are many terrible people out there, but to erase everyone is to completely negate the struggles of the people who aren't total jerks. After all, what's the point of living...
  11. Pierman Walter

    What do you think about the game Undertale?

    @TheTitan99 That was bugging me too. I didn't realize it until I read your post, but the reason I found it so easy to go Genocide Route was that if there are infinite copies of everyone, than it doesn't matter if some of them die. But there are some characters with no reappearing copies. What...
  12. Pierman Walter

    Ideas for "Death"

    In my game, the protagonist's culture's idea of Death is an old woman with no children of her own who raises other people's children. If you have been good and did all of your chores and learned all of your lessons, then you can go out to the garden and play with your friends forever. But if you...
  13. Pierman Walter

    If you have one wish what would it be? and Why?

    Bored rich kids who think they can get gullible/greedy/poor people to do stupid things for their amusement are basically evil genies in real life, and after dealing with them, good advice to everyone is to be as specific as possible. I helped someone out on a test in exchange for any item out of...
  14. Pierman Walter

    What do you think about the game Undertale?

    I played it when it first came out and before it got super popular and thought it was an interesting game, but now I'm morally obligated to hate it after it got super popular and everyone started accusing me of ripping off every aspect of my game from it. I have some dislikes for the game...
  15. Pierman Walter

    What is your art style?

    My not-actually-a-gradient has strange effects when applied to people who aren't robots.
  16. Pierman Walter

    February Goals and Progress Thread

    Still working on the picture. Don't worry, I am doing other things for the game. This picture is just the most dramatic thing I can post.
  17. Pierman Walter

    Call all Foodies and Lovers of Food!

    Going out for afternoon tea today. Hoping for some interesting foods, like clotted cream and canneles. You never know what you are going to get.
  18. Pierman Walter

    What is your world building process?

    Put as much detail as possible into seemingly pointless things in order to give your world more depth. If you are trying to create a fantastical or alien world, but you design a lot of things similarly to our world because you don't want to put in creative effort, such as references to Mickey...
  19. Pierman Walter

    How do you organize your resources?

    Since my laptop died after three years of work and I lost everything, I now post everything on Deviantart, and use the gallery folders there.
  20. Pierman Walter

    What Type of Games are you Working on?

    I'm working on an educational turn-based FPS. The plot of the game is about what it is like to be a stereotypical techno-dictatorship villain faction in a JRPG, in a world where children are addicted to a combat drug called Mana and are mentally conditioned to be unable to see corpses, and...

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