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  1. Needle

    Step Counter on Damage Floor

    Good morning folks, I'm working on a map currently, and I think I may need some conceptual help. I've managed to work my way through some fairly intermediate event problems over the past couple months, but this one's got me stuck. I'm not sure if I'll require a script or not, but chances are I...
  2. Needle

    Simple question about "Too Many Events"

    Good evening folks, I have a pretty simple question that I wanted to ask before I set forth on working tonight. I have a map which is a maze with walls that shift at particular moments. These walls were made of of individual events that just switched on and off. Each event had a graphic with a...
  3. Needle

    Animation Flicker when looping on the map.

    Hi folks, I've recently been trying some new techniques to make map building easier for me (well, new techniques to me, I'm sure this is old news to everyone else). So I built a windmill, and I wanted to make the blades of the windmill a looping animation. I then created a Parallel Process...
  4. Needle

    Hey, it's that guy! With the thing!

    Hi there! I'm some guy you don't know yet. I bought RPG Maker VX Ace during a summer Steam sale, and immediately after using it for one hour, I thought it was the biggest waste of money ever. Clearly I've since changed my mind on that, because I'm here now.  You guys and gals have already...

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