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  1. Mikuri

    Flexible and Powerful Tile Map Editor

    This is the most important feature the editor needs. We're a bunch of friends making games with RPG Maker engines since ages with 95 and mostly XP, and the biggest drawback of using VX, VX Ace and MV is the "TERRIBLE MAPPING" those offers. XP mapping was way better than MV. But we all know that...
  2. Mikuri

    RPG Maker MV Script Call List

    I'm trying to get the max level a character can get via script. I'm trying the following but it returns me "99" as a somewhat default. Even if I select 15 for the actor #1. $; And at the same time, I couldn't find anything to set the max level value by script...
  3. Mikuri

    Actor / Class creation in-game

    So I've got my answer now, I've check the script call list and I realized I was a bit confused about the terminology I used. But yeah, I've figure a loop to check my actors name and if it is empty I can create (or populate) the data in it. And then add it to the team. Case closed! Thanks...
  4. Mikuri

    Actor / Class creation in-game

    I use no script as of now. I'll ask more questions, I think it will lead towards my answer. 1. With a script call, how can I verify if there's an Actor at ID 2 for exemple? 2. How to add an Actor to ID 2 via script?
  5. Mikuri

    Actor / Class creation in-game

    Hellow! I would like to get a little help on this. I'm creating a game where you "find" monsters that get added to your team. You can compare to Pokemon for the logistic. So let's say I want to add an actor to the player's team and there's a maximum of 10 slots. 1. How can I figure that...
  6. Mikuri

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Wow, works wonder! Thank you very much :) !
  7. Mikuri

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hellow! How should I do this: When user has state X, it does +1 (fixed) damage. So when user uses Skill X which does 10 damages, it will do 11 damages. Even adding +1 atk temporarily when the state is on, would be fine. -- I messed with the buffs and debuffs plugin but I can't get it to...
  8. Mikuri

    D'Art MV Resources (Latest Upload [Feb 10,2016]: Parallax Big Trees)

    "You do not have permission to view this forum." Would you mind posting your stuff here? That would be way better :)
  9. Mikuri

    Zyphli Tile Edits

    I should make a parody of my workplace x)
  10. Mikuri

    Ace IconSet to MV IconSet

    Some icons are in doubles :/
  11. Mikuri

    ZOMBIES! Well at least the basic bodies....

    Thank you for making those :)
  12. Mikuri

    Can someone help me with my edit request @_@

    I don't think that generator resources would be offenssing at all. And side note, what's with the title? I don't see the link with the thread x)
  13. Mikuri

    Big Monsters Faceset

    Wow great work :)
  14. Mikuri

    Can't Find Battler

    Since it's an ennemy, it probably doesn't have a Side-View battler. Since Ennemies in battles appear as a big picture. Looks like the Minotaur to me:
  15. Mikuri

    Materials by Haydeos!

    Awesome :) ! Keep'em coming ^^
  16. Mikuri

    TTKOZ Freedom Project MV: New: Binary Data Element Pack

    COuld you show us a preview or something? :)
  17. Mikuri

    Dinamic resolution?

    Why don't you upscale battlers?
  18. Mikuri

    Making shown enemies on maps disappear

    You can always put some commands after the combat in the same event you used. Like maybe turn Switch A to ON. Add a second page to your event and check the Switch A. Make sure to check passthrouht and such to avoid collision with a invisible square x) That would maybe make it respawn if back...
  19. Mikuri

    Jtanooki's MV Generator Parts - Updated

    Generator resources are always welcome, keep them coming!
  20. Mikuri

    Cronus' MV Generator Add-Ons

    They all work wonder, thank you for enhancing our generator :) !  :D

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