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  1. metronome

    is the secret to success making 18+ content?

    Agreed to this. And if you want to succeed in that industry, you need significantly bigger "budget"* than the normal one. *"Budget" could come in many shapes, it's not just about the money. It could come in terms of time, effort, law problems (depending on your country's law), and much much more.
  2. metronome

    Would you buy a game like this? If so, what do you think it should be priced at?

    The concept doesn't sound uncommon for me, so you would have to "compete" in other categories if you are going to charge me money for it.
  3. metronome

    Big 5 Personality Model

    Took the test and here is the result: Openness to Experience total: 82% Imagination: 92% Beauty Sensitivity: 92% Intellectual Curiosity: 92% Adventurousness: 50% Emotionality: 75% Progressivism: 92% Conscientiousness total: 69% Self-efficacy: 58% Self-discipline: 75% Achievement-striving...
  4. metronome

    IGMC and November Goals and Progress Thread

    I couldn't agree with this idea more! 500-1000 + donation pool sounds doable. Why hasn't anyone, especially degica, run this? Degica, out of everyone, should have wanted their products (the game making engines) to stand out more, and supporting RTP would be beneficial to this front. How this...
  5. metronome

    Any news on a new IGMC (2018)

    Seriously? Whoa. Where should we wait for the earliest announcement? Discord or here? :D
  6. metronome

    MBTI profiles of game creators?

    You are forgetting Slammy here :MV4: In fact, according to that test, (I think) I am almost an INTJ. I mean, my E is 56%, while my N, T, and J are 70% and up....56% extrovert is borderline introvert IMO.
  7. metronome

    MBTI profiles of game creators?

    Not sure if I call myself a game creator, but well, I took that test and I get: ENFJ-T : Protagonist. What the hell.....I thought "protagonist" is not even a thing in this kind of
  8. metronome

    Mature discussion warning; Should animal who attacks person be put down?

    This is kind of subjective. There is no such thing as fact in stating that if an animal attacks people, for 101% sure it's the people's fault There is no such thing as fact in stating that if an animal attacks people, for 101% sure it's the animal's fault There is no such thing as fact in...
  9. metronome

    Angels of Death - First RPG Maker Game on Switch?

    Whoa....the game is apparently so popular that they have decided to make an anime version of this game:
  10. metronome

    Do you know about No Man's Sky? What are your thoughts?

    There are two things to learn from NMS case: 1. Don't over-hype 2. Don't give up. As for myself, I am not a big fans of the game. It's not my genre anyway....
  11. metronome

    A huge dilemma that decides the next 4 years and a degree.

    First of all: I played your game. And hey, I played it to the end in one go. It was great experience! I remember it being one of the IGMC2014 winners, isn't it? Congrats! Before we are moving on to your inquiry, I will have to tell you that: No matter what I say, you will have to promise me...
  12. metronome

    So many "just another RPG Maker" games out there... Something should be done!

    I think they would have to raise the fee to a minimum of 1000 USD in order to purge all of those 1$ish clones, but then, I don't think steam has the balls to do that (now). Remember that time when steam announced they will only charge 100 USD for steam direct fee? Most devs cheered on this...
  13. metronome

    The Trolley Dilemma in a Killing Game plot

    Life is Strange is trying to do same....they put everyone you know (but not close enough) in the small town you live in the group A and then put the one you have been trying so hard to protect from the start (possibly love interest?) in the group B. If I remember correctly, most player in that...
  14. metronome

    Failure of Most Game Dev Teams

    It's interesting to see that most of the reply here justify money as the casual suspect. You would be surprised that most of the reason they fail is not because of money, but the problem they face could usually be solved (grudgingly or happily) with money. eg. 3 people having full time jobs...
  15. metronome

    VNMaker Community Review of IGMC 2017 Contest

    Or may be .....limit who could vote for the entries? Elections are usually restricted in some ways anyway. :kaoswt2: Everytime I show my friends this link: All they say is: "Ahhh, so that Quidget game is the overall winner then?" Me: "No no no, it's...
  16. metronome

    RMMV All IGMC2017 votes and results in a spreadsheet

    You could check my reply above for possible answer to your question, just remember I don't know how close I am to the their truth since they are being secretive about this and neither deny nor confirm the accuracy of my statement, so I might also be perfectly wrong.:kaopride: But hey, the...
  17. metronome

    Popular Anime You Don't Like?

    Cowboy Bebop.....not sure why. Bleach.....overpromising character developments that falls down real flat in a few episodes....sigh.... SAO...nuff said I guess? Gundam series.... the same reason why I don't like bleach....
  18. metronome

    VNMaker Community Review of IGMC 2017 Contest

    Pro: 1. Discord. Even though this is my first time to use it. Thanks to igmc2017, I finally use it... :kaoswt: 2. Focus. RM games only. Finally.:kaoblush: 3. Significant improvement on feedback quality. :kaopride:.Unless your game is disqualified due to quality standard and first 5 minutes...
  19. metronome

    RMMV IGMC time with AI Sin

    Once a year? :D No way! Anyway, be careful of what you wish for....but hey I think we are down to 230ish entry by now so....I don't think it will ever reach 252 anymore.
  20. metronome

    RMMV All IGMC2017 votes and results in a spreadsheet

    Lol, how close am I though? :D I remember IGMC2015 used this format, so I assume they would be kind of same this time around.

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