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  1. Tatsumaro

    Desert Buildings

    please reap-load
  2. Tatsumaro

    Character Creator Ex Won't appear

    test in a event in a new map, if you can open the Plugin Command, the problem must be the parallel event.
  3. Tatsumaro

    Updating picture in HUD Maker Plugin Maybe this helps
  4. Tatsumaro

    2 years and i near finishing my mechanics

    2 years and i near finishing my mechanics
  5. Tatsumaro

    Sprit reload

    @Rhino and hi now believe that it can be done if we initialize only Window_SkillStatus, in YEP.10 – Equip Core. What i need now is a whay to test this in a eval code to insert on WAY_CustomOnEquipEval. Thanks
  6. Tatsumaro

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Level up and Skill Learn System issue

    whit 2 skill, the first whit <Hide in Battle> and just a text in help to let the player know then can "buy" the skill, in the 2 skill, the normal Skill add a code to forget the first Skill with <Learn Cost Eval> code code </Learn Cost Eval> For those who know JavaScript, you can have custom...
  7. Tatsumaro

    Sprit reload

    SceneManager.push(Scene_Equip); in the debug mode :)
  8. Tatsumaro

    Sprit reload

    SceneManager._scene._hud.children.forEach(function(baby) { if(baby.refresh) { baby.refresh(true); } }); from this code is for HUD maker from SDR maybe this helps.
  9. Tatsumaro

    Sprit reload

    based in this "status.refresh" i fund this code //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Sprite_DisplayCharacter //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sprite_DisplayCharacter.prototype =...
  10. Tatsumaro

    Sprit reload

    1º a temp
  11. Tatsumaro

    Sprit reload

    PLUGINS: Character Creator EX CCEX Dynamic Actors Sprinte In Windows WAY_CustomOnEquipEval Hi, im having a problem on my equip menu. It works, but its not perfect, if you enter in Scene_Equip the Sv Sprite as the correct weapon and armor but...
  12. Tatsumaro

    Ramza's Shield Block Plugin -UPDATED APRIL 3 2019-

    Hi Ramza, thanks for the help. "messed with queuing forced actions from inside states like this before and haven't been able to get them to work" - what about common events? can we call a common event? if (target.isStateAffected(641) && target.result().isBlocked()), my code skills suck ...
  13. Tatsumaro

    Ramza's Shield Block Plugin -UPDATED APRIL 3 2019-

    maybe this help. <Custom React Effect> var blockValue = (target.isEnemy() ? target.enemy().blockValue : target.equips()[1].blockValue) var blockPercent = (target.isEnemy() ? target.enemy().blockPercent : target.equips()[1].blockPercent) if (target.result().isBlocked()) { value -=...
  14. Tatsumaro

    Ramza's Shield Block Plugin -UPDATED APRIL 3 2019-

    While I'm not currently 100% sure, I'm fairly certain the custom counter eval from counter control can be used to check the actionresult that just occurred to see if it was blocked, allowing the counter skill to be enabled if it was. A notebox for a skill like that might look something like...
  15. Tatsumaro

    Auto Passive States JavaScript code

    That is perfect. Thanks :)
  16. Tatsumaro

    waynee95's Plugin Collection [NEWEST: WAY_MenuBackgrounds]

    Hi Wayne, i have a question. Is it possibly to force a actor sprite to refresh on the equip menu whit you code "Custom On Equip Eval"? Im going to tray my best to explain. Im using yours "Custom On Equip Eval" in the armors to change the "user.setFaceImage" I have Character Creator EX and...
  17. Tatsumaro

    Auto Passive States JavaScript code

    Ok i will tray, i did not change the weapon if (weapon && weapon.wtypeId === arma) I only change Wtypeld if (weapon && weapon.aTypeId === arma) This mas be the error :9 im going to give it a tray, thanks
  18. Tatsumaro

    Auto Passive States JavaScript code

    I think i made a mistake :) i got a error on console. I have the weapons whit the same passive state and only the new code is generating this error

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