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  1. GLM

    Cautiously optimistic!

    Cautiously optimistic!
  2. GLM

    Change grid size in editor

    You know, at first I didn't like the change to 48x48, but after a while I actually found it fun and challenging to make 12x12 sprites (I have my individual "pixels" at 4x4 for a retro look). So, I vote "yes" but ironically am glad they didn't.
  3. GLM

    The Creator's Legal Clinic: Advices and Explanations

    @atoms I guess I'm already covering my butt because I have lots of files to back it up. Now that I think about it, I've had my terrible early 2000s weeaboo drawings stolen online. People will do anything provided they think they can get away with it, I suppose. :kaosigh:
  4. GLM

    GLM appears! Command?

    Thanks. You seem like a fun guy. *nudge nudge*
  5. GLM

    Things to avoid in your game

    I couldn't agree more. Several people have said this now. Do you think there is an acceptable level of puzzle complexity that doesn't really get in the way? Like the old "move a few blocks around for a chest" bit?
  6. GLM

    "This is great for an RPG Maker game"

    I like the way this guy thinks.
  7. GLM

    RMVXA Stealth, Horror/Thriller game concept. Feedback needed

    You mention horror elements, but I don't know if that implies supernatural horror or not. Assuming it doesn't go against the nature and concept of the game, why not have the enemies be kept at bay by the flashlight and use that as the non-combat system?
  8. GLM

    Favorite RPG (growing up)

    Oh, god. I'd say overall Final Fantasy IV, but I had many. Famicom Dragon Quest III (I know, but the make-your-own-party thing made me like it more than IV) Super Famicom Final Fantasy IV Mega Drive Phantasy Star IV Mega-CD Lunar (I never got to play the original Lunar 2)
  9. GLM

    What do you do while making games?

    I usually listen to old episodes of The Opie & Anthony Show (shock jocks from a decade ago, but they had some funny comedians on regularly) or have random YouTube stuff I don't need to pay visual attention to in another window.
  10. GLM

    First RPG game you ever played

    My first RPG is hard to pin down. I know the first JRPG I saw was the original Final Fantasy at my friends house. I'm sure I played some RPGs before on my Commodore 64 (or at least tried to, they were copied disks my cousins gave me and my brother so we didn't have any manuals or anything), but...
  11. GLM

    What game are you currently Playing?

    Is this site full of mostly PC and Nintendo enthusiasts? I'm in the midst of Ace Combat 7, and am second guessing going for the platinum trophy now that I realize I need to do some insane things like clear campaign mode without taking any damage and clear campaign mode using only machine gun...
  12. GLM

    Give me an example of a good, simple stat and damage formula

    I was just making a comment on that statement. No offense meant. If I were to use the standard MV combat system, I would probably have your damage equal your a.atk, do the "no DEF" thing and use a percentage-based damage reduction using resistances and make like "slice, thrust and blunt"...
  13. GLM

    Help Naming Creatures

    Do you mean a literal snowman? If not it kind of sounds like a Wendigo that steals souls instead of possessing individuals.
  14. GLM

    Help Naming Skills

    I'd call the monk skill Burning Heart or something along those lines. Seems a lot like a different take on the old berserker vibe, just HP loss instead of having no defense and you can (presumably) still control the character.
  15. GLM

    Give me an example of a good, simple stat and damage formula

    I disagree. There are instances in some games where DEF can entirely mitigate some damage and not others. That's not as simple as saying it's just extra HP. In my own game firearms ignore most armour (but not natural defense, aka VIT), while melee weapons do not. It's one of the core mechanics...
  16. GLM

    Creating a horror atmosphere.

    Take a look at the old Virtual Boy game Innsmouth no Yakata (yes, there are actually decent games on that thing). It's essentially a labyrinth with a strict time limit, but the way it makes you feel is pretty unique. You're always low on ammo, you're racing the clock and the items and enemies...
  17. GLM

    Armor values?

    I also like the "offer the same defense, but have different special effects" approach. I will take that into consideration for my own project, especially since with really low numbers it's hard throw much equipment at the player before they're at the realistic maximum value.
  18. GLM

    Maps: Simple VS. Complex

    I don't think a map needs to be swimming in minute details to make it visually interesting. The CT map graphics also have the advantage of being made specifically for that game and have subtle variations of the same sprites to break up the repeating patterns. The RTP is a catch-all fantasy...
  19. GLM

    Unlimited Inventory or Limited Inventory?

    I'm a fan of limited inventory space, individual inventory space and limited stacking amounts for different items. I want to make the player pick and choose, and make that choice impactful. In a lot of games you can get by without using most of the items. We've all been standing there after the...
  20. GLM

    Armor values?

    I'm a fan of keeping numbers low to make the math easier for the player and for development. That being said, I'm making a game where there is no traditional leveling which uses a pseudo-tabletop dice-based combat. The armour is a straight subtraction from damage, and dodging and blocking...

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