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  1. Meike

    Live action Lady and the Tramp is Disney+ exclusive and The Mandalorian is there, and more Star...

    Live action Lady and the Tramp is Disney+ exclusive and The Mandalorian is there, and more Star Wars, Marvel originals planned
  2. Meike

    Disney+ thank you for letting me relive childhood.

    Disney+ thank you for letting me relive childhood.
  3. Meike

    XD I had no choice! It was a snowin' and I had to drive my kid to preschool!

    XD I had no choice! It was a snowin' and I had to drive my kid to preschool!
  4. Meike

    x.x pfff *hit in face*

    x.x pfff *hit in face*
  5. Meike

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
  6. Meike

    Are there any free plugin creators that are compatable with Yanfly's plugins?

    MogHunter (Atelier Rgss), Hime, Galv, Irina, Olivia, and there's quite a few plugins but I've already pulled into the paid plugin names too. It can be hit or miss a lot of times, but I find that about 80% of the plugins I try work with little intervention. A lot of plugin devs I see on
  7. Meike

    Publishing, Self-Publishing or Game Center

    Depends on your goals as an indie game dev. I view it mostly as a hobby that I want to make profitable so I use and just try to build my own small platform with social media to find players. I love and I have one of my games on GameJolt, as my current games are free I haven't...
  8. Meike

    TF Mapping Tutorial: Cliff Walls

    Encouraging definitely! Inspired me to touch up a map I've been working on!
  9. Meike

    Visual Equipment

    Are you looking for something like this?
  10. Meike

    Stand Still and Turn

    Ohhhh I think I know what's up....I thought it was broke too but then realized it didn't work if your charrie was in auto dash....that could be an issue....sorry I forgot about that.
  11. Meike

    Stand Still and Turn

    Is this what you want? It doesn't work with mouse input, just keyboard:
  12. Meike

    What are your thoughts on in-jokes?

    Sounds like something I'd do too lol As long as you can find a way to slip it in without being too 4th wall breaking I'd say it's fine.
  13. Meike

    Force characters to wear SOMETHING?

    YEP_EquipCore has settings where you can make certian slots always have something equipped.
  14. Meike

    TP = MP plugin?

    You might want to look into Yanfly's Enhanced TP plugin:
  15. Meike

    Small Tile Size causing sprite stutter (Shaz's Tile Size Plugin)

    I honestly don't know if this will fix your issue, but you could also look into trying the TileD Plugin for MV:
  16. Meike

    RM made visual novel(s) and menu access?

    I made a very simple visual novel where I ran into this issue. It was mostly for the player to be able to save the game and access options, but what I did was that during different scene breaks I would have a 'continue' or 'menu' option, as well as allowing access to the settings every time a...
  17. Meike

    Credit Where Credit is Due.

    Pretty much what everyone else is saying, but also to keep better track of your credits you should make a document that records the credits for everything as you get them, that way at the end you're not scanning all your filenames trying to get them in a credits document.
  18. Meike

    [How too]Custom menus

    It's not so much Javascript really. I'd take a look at the public documentation and see if you can figure it out. It can be pretty easy once you get the hang of it and there is a Discord server for support.
  19. Meike

    [How too]Custom menus

    If you're wanting great custom menus you'll want to look into Luna Engine! It takes some learning, but it's well worth it:
  20. Meike

    Should you release a bad game?

    Finish the game. That's to build discipline. Have some people playtest and get their reactions. From there, deside if you want to release. If you do, it sounds like it's best to have it as a free game.

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