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  1. somenick

    Teragard - An open-world JRPG

    Maybe precisely due to low sales you may want to place the game in another site as well, to increase the odds that someone may buy it. Saying that placing the game in other sites is not very high on your list of priorities kind of makes you sound unprofessional. I know this is not the case...
  2. somenick

    RMMV The Contractor

    The casino area looks kind of interesting. The Inn, however... Like it was said, rugs are set in a weird way. But most notably, the clerk's desk seems to be floating up in the air, but there are no indications of steps going up there? Either remove the left and right sides of the counter so...
  3. somenick

    RMMV Galactic 123 Online - Browser Game

    Right now it is a solo game with some multiplayer elements. For example, as you play your score goes up. It then appears in the Highscores button there. All names in there are real players. Will add more multiplayer functionality over time.
  4. somenick

    My upcoming online game will include some real piracy stuff, up to sneaking into some treasure...

    My upcoming online game will include some real piracy stuff, up to sneaking into some treasure room and or bank and looting it, if I can have my way... Be prepared to live with a bounty on your head afterwards, tho!
  5. somenick

    RMMV Ludus Sophiae

    In the past I played one or other RPG Maker game (dont remember them really). I rarely have time to play. But if I do, I'll probably try Ludus Sophiae :)
  6. somenick

    MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    This plug in looks awesome! The sort of thing I need to check out if/when I get some extra time :)
  7. somenick

    RMMV Galactic 123 Online - Browser Game

    Galactic 123 Online is a free web browser RPG that I have been creating. It plays in the web browser at All that is needed is the creation of a login and a password.
  8. somenick

    A discussion about World Maps

    Yeah, I have been debating about whether to use world maps or not myself, and I kinda decided that, if the game will have some sort of exploration and optional places, world maps are probably the way to go. They make the world seem huge, while at the same time allowing you to reach places...
  9. somenick

    ADHD and Game Dev

    Try making a prototype. A game that is between 3 to 5 maps long. One map for the introduction of the game, one map for the middle of the game, one map for the final dungeon. Yes these would be fairly short maps and result in a short game, but this way you can have a general 'skeleton' of a...
  10. somenick

    Most Frustrating Things in RPGs?

    One thing that really annoys me (I'm probably in the minority here) are those RPGs that have too many black, bottomless pits / chasms. For the most part (in my brain at least) these pits look totally out of place in an otherwise nice map. Even weirder when they are present in large open areas...
  11. somenick

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Supposed to be inside my starship. Trying to find my style.
  12. somenick

    Aggro Radius?

    I think it is like everything else, a matter of taste. In this visual encounter example, you can either wait for the enemy to move or straight up go to battle with it. Just like I could keep running away from battles in a random encounter system. Wether you use a visual encounter system or a...
  13. somenick

    Earning money and passive income mechanic

    I have been playing with the idea of having some real estate stuff in my game. Like, you buy an inn, and over time it accumulates gold. You can also stay for free. The catch? You need to visit the inn periodically to collect.
  14. somenick

    Let's talk about emergent narrative in your games

    Game I'm making is partially open world, and it has no specific end goal or even final boss. But, at the start of the game you choose your characters and their class, and as they interact with NPCs around, new areas open up, or even some sort of storyline launches, depending on what you did or...
  15. somenick

    Aggro Radius?

    Im making a game with visual encounters. Combat does not start unless the mob touches you (or vice versa). Sometimes they wander around aimlessly and dont really care about you. Others will try to chase you. Most combat is optional. In some cases their position is fixed (like blocking a...
  16. somenick

    How do you face Inspiration Loss?

    When I lose inspiration I get away from the game for a few years days, get involved into something else, and eventually forget what I was trying to do in the first place. :D
  17. somenick

    November 2019 Goals and Progress Thread!

    My goal this month: Double click on RPG Maker icon and launch it. :D:guffaw::D
  18. somenick

    When did you start RMing and what software you use first time?

    Cant say I really started RMing at all beyond messing around with stuff. But first RPG Maker I got my hands on was in 2014, RPG Maker Ace.
  19. somenick

    Mode 7 Perspective in Games

    Is this RPG Maker MV? What plugin? I am aiming towards exporting games as HTML5 games. I dont think Mode 7 works in RPG Maker web games?
  20. somenick

    Text Sounds: Yes or No?

    In general, I do not like text sounds. If you want to add this feature, cool, but at least make it possible to turn it off. All in all, I also prefer when dialogs show up fast. I tend to read fast.

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