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  1. Korthulhu


    UPDATE: I've just moved/upgraded this from a free request to a paid request, so I guess this thread can either be locked or deleted entirely.
  2. Korthulhu

    Celianna's MV tiles

    Just wanted to show some love to someone I've been a fan of for a loooooooong time! Fantastic work, as always!
  3. Korthulhu

    Cyanides Edits

    These are awesome! I especially like the grass roofing, variety of trees, and stone faces. Really cool stuff!
  4. Korthulhu

    RMMV The Devil's Womb : Horror RPG - Finally Released

    Yeah, I definitely feel you there! We'd all like to see our creations take off, but whats important is to tell your story. If it resonates with even one person, then you've done your job! As for my ending...I got the Bad Ending. But that was expected; I normally get the "bad" ending in games...
  5. Korthulhu

    Creating a horror atmosphere.

    I played a tabletop game a long time ago, can't even remember the name now, but the concept was that you create a character knowing that the character will be dead by the end of the game...just not how. It really gave everyone at the table a sense of impending doom and paranoia. So maybe...
  6. Korthulhu

    RMMV MechScape- RELEASES 11/22!

    No problem! Keep up the good work!
  7. Korthulhu

    RMMV Final Fallacy - Open-world Rogue-like RPG [Work-In-Progress]

    The name alone got me interested, but this looks great! I could see sinking some hours into this. Looking forward to future updates!
  8. Korthulhu

    RMMV MechScape- RELEASES 11/22!

    No need to apologize; constructive discussion is what we're all here for! As far as I noticed, it was mainly any screens with the brighter greens or blues. A "wash" of color is just where certain colors comprise most of the visible content. I've included examples using the screenshots you...
  9. Korthulhu

    RMMV Eternal Dreamers | Battle-Focused RPG | Update January 20th

    I'm nowhere near as good at critique when it comes to the technical aspect of things, but I'd say that overall this game is loads of fun! It sort of evokes that Enter the Gungeon feel, where you know you're in for a grind but thats the fun of it all! I love the character art and how much...
  10. Korthulhu

    RMVXA Records in Blue

    I know theres not a lot of content to discuss at the moment, but between the original artwork and first-person dungeon crawl mechanic, I'm excited! Can't wait to see more!
  11. Korthulhu

    RMMV MechScape- RELEASES 11/22!

    This is certainly one of the more interesting projects I've seen on here! I read through all of the past comments and saw that it was already addressed, but I will add that I'm also among the folk who have some trouble looking at some of the screens...and I don't have any vision problems that...
  12. Korthulhu

    RM2k/3 Where the Moon Goes at Night (Demo available)

    As a big fan of Space Funeral, I can definitely say this gave me a very similar vibe! Very well done! Can't wait to see more!
  13. Korthulhu

    RMMV THE NEW US - An RPG inspired by games like LISA and OFF.

    I really like this concept, and the original artwork is awesome! Definitely looking forward to seeing more!
  14. Korthulhu

    RMMV The Heart of the Bone Witch (Rough Demo)

    At the end of the day, this game is worth playing if for no other reason than the unique art style and interesting story. A lot of love went into the making of this one, and you can feel that when you're playing. Can't wait to see more!
  15. Korthulhu

    RMMV The Devil's Womb : Horror RPG - Finally Released

    This game is a lot of fun to play! The original art style and tilesets drew me in, and let me assure you...they're even better in-game! You can tell that the devs really put a lot of heart into this project, and that makes the experience even better! The story almost feels like if Tim Burton...
  16. Korthulhu

    RMMV Pluzzed Souls Demo - Hardcore Oldschool Souls Like Game

    I sat down with this game for several hours the other day, and I've gotta say was pleasantly-surprised! At first I wasn't sure how I'd like the very simplistic pixel graphics, but they ended up working really well with the game and they grew on me. It definitely plays like Dark Souls as far as...
  17. Korthulhu

    RMVXA Inherited Sins - Definitive Edition

    Gave this one a shot over the weekend. Overall, I'd say its actually one of the better independently-built games I've played in the engine! The story definitely takes a back seat as a previous reviewer has said, but the gameplay is still very fun! Its refreshing to see a game that plays a...
  18. Korthulhu


    Bumping again. UPDATE: No offers for assistance so far have panned out. I have been trying to do the pixel art edits myself over the past month-ish, but I don't have any experience and just can't seem to make it work. So, if anyone out there is interested, I'm still looking for assistance!
  19. Korthulhu

    She Dreams Elsewhere

    This game looks fantastic, and is even better when you play some of it! Having played the demo, all I will really say is that it is truly one of the most inspired and unique games I think has ever been made with this software. Anyone on the fence about giving the demo a shot: get off the fence...
  20. Korthulhu

    Any ideas for a title of a Water Goddess?

    I haven't seen it suggested, so I'll just add: "The Maelstrom."

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