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  1. King Gerar

    Change water tiles cycle animation

    Hi, everyone! Being straight, is there a way to change the water tiles animation to 1-2-3-1-2-3 instead of 1-2-3-2-1? I've searching in rpg_core, in ShaderTilemap class, but didn't any progress.
  2. King Gerar

    How open and move DevTools window?

    Hi, everybody! I had the following code working until the last RPG Maker MV version (ignores Portuguese comments and strings). var cons_pos_x = 1150; // Posicao X var cons_pos_y = 180; // Posicao Y var cons_tam_x = 716; // Tamanho X, 716 é o padrão var cons_tam_y = 539; // Tamanho Y, 539 é o...
  3. King Gerar

    How to preload images after MV 1.5 update?

    Salutations! Before update 1.5, I preloaded images from img/pictures folder using ImageManager.loadPicture('Image Name') on Scene_Boot.create. Now, when I create a sprite, this preload no more is necessary and I can put this command directry on creation, which is very good. On the other hand...
  4. King Gerar

    Problem with "bitmap.drawText"

    Hi, everybody! I'm creating the my project's menu, but came across with a problem. I did this code: this.menuHeaderImg = new Sprite(); this.menuHeaderImg.bitmap = ImageManager.loadPicture("System - MenuHeader"); this.menuHeaderImg.anchor.x = 0.5; this.addChild(this.menuHeaderImg)...
  5. King Gerar

    How send Game_Interpreter command to Scene_Map

    Hi, everybody! I'm trying to make a popup plugin. To this, I created a new Window and placed a function in the Scene_Map to show it. I want to use a plugin command to show the window with contents, so created this: Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand = function(command, args) { //...
  6. King Gerar

    Increases colision size of player

    Hi, everybody! I'm using tiles in normal size (48x48). However, I want when the player be on the horse, his collision size changes, from 48x48 to 96x48. A image trying explain: I looked for plugins, but only found to increase event collisions, don't to player. Is there any way to do that?
  7. King Gerar

    Use more fonts in windows without install

    Hi everybody! I would like to add more fonts for I use in windows. For example: In the Scene_Item, I would use the standard font on Window_ItemCategory and Window_ItemList, but in Window_Help, I want use other font. I tried placing this method on window with different font...
  8. King Gerar

    How to access variable's value from a save file

    Hi everybody! My game is divided in chapters. The current chapter number is save in a variable. When I'll load a save game, I would show the name of chapter, based in this variable value in the save file. But I didn't succeed in to draw this value. :( I tried add this as a information...
  9. King Gerar

    How "hide" the window's cursor

    Hi, everyone! Then, my doubt is in the topic title: how I can hide the cursor? I tried with "this.cursorOpacity = 0" in the update of the window, but don't works. And didn't find some code with visible or hide/show function. Thanks in advance.
  10. King Gerar

    Equipped weapons aren't counting

    Hi everybody! I tried count the number of swords I have (only one, equipped), but didn't worked using event commands, as you can see in the spoiler. Then, I tried using "script", but didn't work either with this > $gameParty.numItems($dataWeapons[1]). I imagine that be some error, or missing...
  11. King Gerar

    Problem with Yami Skip Title

    Hi everyone! Well, my problem occurs when I put an event only to work with pages requiring self switches, like the image below (ignores the programmation). When I plays, appears this error. The problem seems be this plugin. Removing it, don't occurs. I can dodge this putting a blank page...
  12. King Gerar

    Events move in predefined regions

    Hi everybody! Well, I liked this script when my project was in RPG Maker VXAce. Then I tried write it, but don't know enough T-T I saw the Yanfly's plugins Regions Events and Regions Restrictions, but they work differently than I need. The script/plugin allow a event move only in tiles with a...
  13. King Gerar

    Replace window background for a image piece

    My regards, bipeds!   I wonder if it's possible to modify the "construction" of the windows. Instead of using the background contained in windowskin graphic, use a piece (rect) of an other image. However, it would still use the edges of windowskin. I made an example to show. The image on...
  14. King Gerar

    Shadow over all tilesets

    Hi, everyone!   Is there any way to put the shadow created by the shadows pencil over the tilesets A, B, C, D and E? Like in the example image. The only way I found to get around this would be to make a tile like shadow, however, it is not useful for me. Much less to use events for each...
  15. King Gerar

    Open the gates! The king has come ...

    Well friends ... I came from distant lands to try to learn some more about the glorious world of RPG Maker ... I have a little over a year and more baggage, but I think already rather well developed. Work a little with all areas of the Maker and am leading a project that briefly I will...

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