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  1. Another Fen

    Armor breaking during battle?

    Hey there, Most of your code is valid in Javascript, you probably tripped up in line 3 where you use $game_actors[X] (used in RMXP through RMVXAce) and X unless Y (Ruby syntax, not allowed in Javascript). As for the error, you have 2 opening curly brackets in line 2 and 3, but only one...
  2. Another Fen

    Declaring variables for better readability of the code

    I'm still quite new to Javascript and not an expert in software development, so I might be wrong with the details here... 1) Usually local variables are stored in a pre-occupied memory block (stack) and declaring more local variables would only increase the amount of stack the function call...
  3. Another Fen

    Resetting magic to 50% before battles.

    There is actually a trick to do this: You can either reduce the MP to 0 first and then increase it to the amount you want, or you can increase the MP directly by that amount minus the MP the actor already has: Control Variables : #0017 Difference = Max MP of Actor Control Variables : #0017...
  4. Another Fen

    How to make an item ALWAYS consumable?

    The default behaviour is to block accidental use of items that have "obviously no effect". Maybe a bit late here, but another way around this restriction would be to make the item inflict a state you never use with a 0% application chance. (The item will then be usable on any actor not already...
  5. Another Fen

    Simple adding operation and a variable inside an array

    Generally there is nothing wrong with drawing numbers from an array, so there is nothing particular wrong in your screenshot. However, variables are indeed set to 0 instead of throwing an error when the selected arithmetic operation fails (probably to catch division by zero). If you are not...
  6. Another Fen

    Shield Bash skill

    Small note here: refers to that actors database settings, meaning you are using the actors starting equipment here. For current equipment it could look like this:a.equips()[1].params[3] * 10 - b.def * 2 (Alternatively you could also add more a.equips()[1].params[3] * a.paramRate(3) *...
  7. Another Fen

    Accessing variables assigned through attack formula

    Even though this is already solved, a few details on your original issue: (I may have overlooked something and these have already been addressed, sorry if that is the case...) The || (logical OR-Operation) can be used to create a fallback option. When the left side (a.index + 1) does not result...
  8. Another Fen

    method for swapping out states

    Hey there, There are still a few misconceptions in your code, unless I'm horribly mistaken: --- if state?(25||26||27) If you want to check multiple states, you'd have to call the state? method multiple times. The way it is written currently, 25||26||27 is handled as one expression and is...
  9. Another Fen

    How to load a savefile?

    While it will be fine doing so in many cases, in general loading and saving the game is not supposed to be done in the middle of the games update cycle (when event commands would be run). At this point, the events to update for the frame are already decided, and switching to a different...
  10. Another Fen

    How to alter scripts to call other scripts to avoid conflict.

    Hey there, While scripts can certainly clash for any number of reasons and I don't believe there is a way around understanding how two scripts work in order to rule out incompatibilities in general, the vast majority of incompatibilities seem to come from one script undoing parts of another...
  11. Another Fen

    Yanfly Skill Mastery - Update traits Help

    If you are already using Yanflys Skill Core plugin, you could add more effects with custom values at the end of your skill. I haven't tried it yet, but something like this should work: <after eval> if (target.result().isHit()) { var chance = 0.1 + 0.1 * user.skillMasteryLevel(
  12. Another Fen

    How does VX Ace limit frame rate?

    I still haven't figured out how Ruby and dlls work together and don't have information about the insides, but from my observations: Generally "Graphics.update" is responsible for both refreshing the screen contents and for sleeping until the frame time is over. If executing the Ruby part plus...
  13. Another Fen

    [VX Ace] VE Materia - AP Gain Script Command

    Hey there, I may have overlooked something while skimming through the script (only the original one though since I wasn't logged in). The main way of getting AP seems to be the "ap=" method from the Game_Actor class, which just forwards the amount to the "gain_ap" methods from all equipped...
  14. Another Fen

    Need help setting up a shop full of "unique" items

    You could try to replace the "Shop Processing" event command by a script, although that too might look a bit messy: var goods = []; goods.push([0, 10, 0]); goods.push([1, 11, 0]); goods.push([2, 12, 1, 1000]); ... SceneManager.push(Scene_Shop); SceneManager.prepareNextScene(goods, true); The...
  15. Another Fen

    Help With Creating A Menu Using Events.

    I might be wrong here, so... The $gamePlayer.requestMapReload(); part in the load script is usually done to reset the map if the game was since updated. It resets parallel processes and the position of all events, which you might not want in a normal playthrough. If you go by the code from the...
  16. Another Fen

    how to make autotiles work more flexibly on the world map?

    As stated in the help file Shaz mentioned, the main difference should be that with "Field Type", the darker grass is created by drawing the regular grass on the bottom mapping layer and the darker grass on top of it on the middle mapping layer, occupying both. With "Area Type", the first four...
  17. Another Fen

    Script call for region ID?

    Hey there, You can usually check the region using the "Get Location Info..." event command (page 3) after setting variables to your events coordinates. Of course, if you prefer script commands you could try $game_map.region_id(x, y) for a specific location or $[id].region_id...
  18. Another Fen

    Script call for changing enemy state

    Uh, seems indeed missing. However, the actor commands for Change HP/MP/State/Parameters also work for enemies if you replace $game_actors[id] with $game_troop.members[index] (index starting at 0) or $game_party.members with $game_troop.members to target the entire troop. Edit: remembered...
  19. Another Fen

    Event touch bug

    It should cause an error if you switch to another screen (battle, menu, shop, etc.) in your main event and during the same frame try to add a new particle in a parallel process. The particle script tries to add the particles directly to the spriteset of Scene_Map, which fails if you are in the...
  20. Another Fen

    It probably trips itself in the variance calculation when trying to solve either "Infinity * 0"...

    It probably trips itself in the variance calculation when trying to solve either "Infinity * 0" or "Infinity - Infinity". You could try giving your target the "Guard" trait and 0% "Guard Effect Rate" though. :)

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