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  1. Raise a variable when you hit a target for Weakness?

    You can do this in the damage formula by using something like this: if (b.elementRate(this.item().damage.elementId) > 1) {v[variableId]++}; damageFormula; replace variableId with the id of the variable you want to increase. Also make sure the variable has a numeric value or this will not work...
  2. Code not working @_@

    You haven't specified what the problem is so it's difficult to provide a definitive answer. The first thing I notice though is this line: var clearStates = params['Clear All States'].toLowerCase; What this is doing is declaring clearStates as the function toLowerCase, so if I was to run...
  3. Idle Regen Passive Ability.

    You could event this with a parallel common event, without any javascript. You'll need 4 variables to hold the player's x and y coordinates (2 for each). Variable 1 = old x coordinate Variable 2 = old y coordinate Variable 3 = new x coordinate Variable 4 = new y coordinate Set variable 3...
  4. [Solved]Yanfly passive state plugin - if inside an if statement?

    It's a bit strange that this isn't showing a syntax error in the console as you're using 2 else's with a single if and leaving one if block unclosed. What you've actually written is: if (user.hasWeapon($dataWeapons[1]) || user.hasWeapon($dataWeapons[2])) { if (user.hasArmor($dataArmors[1])...
  5. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    The easiest way to achieve this is to just define a new itemHeight method for Window_MenuCommand. Window_MenuCommand.prototype.itemHeight = function() { return this.lineHeight() + x } //replace x with a value for the extra space you want (eg. 10)
  6. Equipment check for anybody in the party

    I can't be sure what's going wrong - I can't see the whole of the condition, but assuming you've changed the "5" to "17" and everything else is an exact copy of what I posted previously the code should be working. My first concern is that this is set up as a looping parallel event but doesn't...
  7. No sound at all in editor/playtest?

    This might seem like an obvious check, so you might have already done it. Have you checked your volume mixer to make sure that the levels are set correctly and that your playtest is trying to play through the correct playback device?
  8. Dragon Quest Boomerang Formula Help

    I'll second what @Soulrender has said, it's very difficult to see what you're actually trying to do because adding or removing brackets could change your result in a way you haven't intended. (a.agi * 4 - b.def * 2)/3 - (a.agi * 4-b.def * 2)/3 * ($gameTroop.aliveMembers().length-1) * 0.1 This...
  9. Add an element to a state's damage

    I obviously jumped the gun and didn't look far enough into the code, itemElements appears to be an array so use this instead: target.result().itemElements.push(2);
  10. Add an element to a state's damage

    You should just be able to use something along these lines target.result.itemElements = elementId //replace elementId with element's ID
  11. Add an element to a state's damage

    A link to the plugin that's creating these element coloured pop ups would be useful. It should be possible to use a method from it to create the correct popup.
  12. Showing Custom Gauges

    No problem. :) You'll need to create a modified version of drawCurrentAndMax and use that instead. So the original function looks like this: Window_Base.prototype.drawCurrentAndMax = function(current, max, x, y, width, color1, color2) {...
  13. Calling party member data by position.

    What do you mean by "face image data"? Do you mean the name of the spritesheet that the image comes from? In which case use: $gameParty.members()[index].faceName() //replace index with party member number, leader = 0 Do you mean the position on the spritesheet the actor's face comes from...
  14. Showing Custom Gauges

    If you're looking to remove SRD's Battle Status Customizer I'm assuming your battle status window will be unaffected by other plugins. In which case you could write your own function for drawing the actors status's. This will allow you to set up whatever gauges you like. So the functions to...
  15. [solved !] change playtime ?

    I could see how that might be an issue if you were using Graphics.frameCount in conditional statements, though the same issue would be present if you were using playtime as well. I guess it really boils down to just knowing what plugins you're using and applying a bit of common sense.
  16. [solved !] change playtime ?

    As to the potential compatibility issues of setting the value of Graphic.frameCount as far as I can see, in the base game it's only being used to calculate playtime and check for freezing - and of course being incremented when the screen is rendered. I can't think of any examples or instances...
  17. (RPG MAKER MV) More than 4 characters walking?

    It's initialised when you create a new game (around 0:35 in your video). I'm not aware of how @Eliaquim plugin works but it appears you still have followers set to false so is probably why you're not seeing any new followers. Can you try setting this to true in your test project and testing...
  18. (RPG MAKER MV) More than 4 characters walking?

    @NASTY-DOCTOR Just out of curiosity, are you creating a new game to test these or are you continuing an old save? If you're continuing an old save it's unlikely that any of these plugins will change anything because the number of followers is initialised when a new game is created. Changing the...
  19. Help with Battle Status window

    You might want to take a look at this function: Scene_Battle.prototype.updateWindowPositions = function() { var statusX = 0; if (BattleManager.isInputting()) { statusX = this._partyCommandWindow.width; } else { statusX = this._partyCommandWindow.width / 2; }...
  20. [solved !] change playtime ?

    Playtime is calculated as Graphics.frameCount/60, this._framesOnSave is only used for storing the value of Graphics.frameCount before saving and upon loading. Just assign a new value to Graphics.frameCount and I would assume you're good to go.

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