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  1. MisterTorgue

    Features Feedback

    Oh Sorry!! I don't yet as I am still working on the very standard stuff, dont want to put a early project one up until I have some resources to share :) If you can move this, apologies for the misplace of the thread!
  2. MisterTorgue

    Features Feedback

    Feedback and ideas really welcomed! Characters Firstly, you choose between 1 of 4 classes. Engineer(Builder) HARD start / Fighter EASY start / Scout EASY start / Healer MEDIUM start **You do get the other 3 classes + others later on. Classes will not be limited to the below but are some...
  3. MisterTorgue

    Deleting an Event if it hits another Event's proximity.

    You are a beautiful person, thank you :)
  4. MisterTorgue

    Khas Ultra Lighting - The Foggy Time update!

    Do you know when this will be integrated with a time system? Then this will be PURRRFECT for me and my wallet will be yours!
  5. MisterTorgue

    Time Script that Allows Events Based on Time.

    So I am looking to set up a system, when a time of day is hit, a warning comes up saying "I best get back to the village ...." Is there a timer system that allows this functionality (so you can refer to the scripts time for conditional variables) e.c.t.
  6. MisterTorgue

    Time Based Events.

    Hi All :) sorry for spamming the forums a lil. I am looking, that every day when it hits night time (so a specific time) an event will occur that you have to get back to a town before it hits a specific time (as a lot of creatures will spawn). How can you do time triggered events, do I need...
  7. MisterTorgue

    Deleting an Event if it hits another Event's proximity.

    magic sentry towers guard certain towns these have a chance of when an event comes within the a certain area (so monster engagements) the event has a chance of being killed. I only want it to have a lowish chance to do this, anyone help how I would go about doing this?
  8. MisterTorgue

    'Area Tinting' on a map

    So I want to add torches in a dark area (cave is naturally 'dark' tint) but I want the torch areas to have an area of light around them.
  9. MisterTorgue

    Random Events

    Thanks! Not been on it in some time and my brain just went dead when I opened it, I remember now as done this many a time before :)
  10. MisterTorgue

    Incorporating "Village XP / Levels"

    Previous post about what I want to acheive So after you finish a quest, I want too incorporate Village EXP. for instance after doing the random event quests (or side missions for the villagers) you get exp and your village quests level up, so the quests get harder for better rewards. I need...
  11. MisterTorgue

    Random Events

    I was originally posting this in script requests, but realised it's probably easier to do it in eventing, but will need help. What I am trying to acheive: I am creating a fully interactive village, however, when you enter the village I want to be able to make a random event sometimes occur A...
  12. MisterTorgue

    Tilesets e.c.t.

    I remember using this maker AGES ago, and it had a few things I really wanted to use in my VXA Game. How do these migrate over to vx ace (do they still look ok) or does it all come out strange looking when you import the stuff into a newer generation of RPG Maker?] Cheers!
  13. MisterTorgue

    Brushes n Such for Parallax Mapping

    Ahh I see, explains why it was blurry then! so for instance, with the grass, I am guessing you can get the size of your map, make your floor then paste it into the map you are making in GIMP as the floor?
  14. MisterTorgue

    Random Encounters vs On Map Encounters.

    I have spent a good amount of time trying to find each individual monster, and its far too much of a pain (not lazyness, just not enough monster sprites to reflect what I have in my DB) :) I have conceded to the idea of having a single sprite but different colours roaming my world. Basically...
  15. MisterTorgue

    Brushes n Such for Parallax Mapping

    I am trying to set up brushes for different items (rocks, trees, flowers e.c.t.) in gimp, so it makes it so much easier parallax mapping. (guessing you do this by defaut anyway) But when I copy and paste as a brush, they seem to either be blurry or don't look right. Not sure if I am doing...
  16. MisterTorgue

    Side view / Animated Battlers

    Checking out Vibrato's and they look pretty dayum good! I am guessing they count as large sprites? (as then I will need to find a whole set of larger sprites so the main characters aren't giants! and the combat page seems to be split up.. I am using Yanfly's battle symphony, and it seems to...
  17. MisterTorgue

    Side view / Animated Battlers

    Well I was originally looking to do steampunk (wild steam) one as you can create a lot of your own sprites. My main issue with that is there isn't enough animated side view battlers for monsters, I suppose I could use still ones! I am currently using the 8D sprites, but I think I may need to...
  18. MisterTorgue

    Side view / Animated Battlers

    Looking for the above in RTP style (the cartoonish style) With battle sheets e.c.t. to use with yanfly's battle symphony. Tried doing searches but I can't seem to find any (I think my searching skills are pants)
  19. MisterTorgue

    VXAce - Tile Set "AirShip Crash Site - RTP Style"

    not using an airship at present, it's more just going to be a crash site one (unknown circumstances) then all air machines will be grounded anyway (so no flying in the game) -- its part of the story just to fit in with the general RTP style of things, not fussed on its actual looks per-say...
  20. MisterTorgue

    March Goals & Progress Thread

    It's partially an update and partially a what do you think this time. So for my intro/tutorial, you wake up at a crash site, you have a brief discussion with the other main character, as you venture towards the first cave. You first encounter a roaming monster sprite, (**I want it to darken...

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