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  1. Jaiden

    RMXP Legends of Astravia

    Added character info cards to the main post
  2. Jaiden

    RMXP Legends of Astravia

    Legends of Astravia is buzzing on RMN today. I feel bad I still don't have a major announcement or demo yet, so here are some more screenshots showing the revised cutscene in the familiar Mordin Village:
  3. Jaiden

    RPMXP won't start on my new laptop- ask for higher resolution

    I believe I saw a previous thread on this and it is related to DPI scaling. In your Windows settings, try setting the screen DPI to 100% instead of a larger size and see if that resolves the issue. Here's a thread with more details...
  4. Jaiden

    Every time I see my page buzzing on RMN I get an intense urge to modify the heck out of the main...

    Every time I see my page buzzing on RMN I get an intense urge to modify the heck out of the main page. I don't even have that new demo yet ;-;
  5. Jaiden

    16/9 RPG MAKER XP

    Short answer: Yes, it's possible and several scripts out there will do it. Long answer: It's a massive amount of work and I highly advise against it. When you resize the game resolution, bear in mind RMXP was never designed to run outside of 640x480 and every script is hard-coded to these...
  6. Jaiden

    RMXP Legends of Astravia

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to hear you like it. I've since taken down that old demo, since it doesn't really match what I have planned in the next update, but I definitely hear you--those things have already been changed and improved upon. I hope you (and anyone else who has played that...
  7. Jaiden

    Announcement Community News - December 17, 2019

    You can do that without saying "what the crap is this" and "kill it with fire". Kidding or not, it's not productive and serves to put more stress on the admins working to fix the bugs and issues.
  8. Jaiden

    Fullscreen sometimes freezes my entire screen

    If your drivers are up to date I'm not really sure what else it could be. Do other games with dedicated fullscreen cause this or is it just XP? Yes, as with any major script, you should make a copy of your project before attempting to add it. That warning is there to prevent people from...
  9. Jaiden

    Character FPS

    Are you using the version of the script linked by DerVVulfman? There should be a version posted in the script somewhere. You can't just add it. If it's not there then you probably are using an old / deprecated version and should try the demo posted from HBGames.
  10. Jaiden

    Fullscreen sometimes freezes my entire screen

    What version of Windows are you using and do you know what your graphics card is? This sounds like it might be an issue with your computer not being too happy about RMXP's dedicated fullscreen, which if I recall, changes the resolution to 640x480. A good place to start would be ensuring your...
  11. Jaiden

    How to start the game with a cutscene? How to make common event buttons? And/or how to make an event need a requirement to move onto other event page?

    I am an avid RMXP user and... I second this. I only continue to use RMXP because I am so familiar with it, but if I could go back I would have started with a newer maker such as MV. OP, since you are new, I highly recommend starting with MV or VXA to learn how to use the program. If you are...
  12. Jaiden

    Thank you for all of your hard work Archeia! It looks really slick.

    Thank you for all of your hard work Archeia! It looks really slick.
  13. Jaiden

    RMXP Legends of Astravia

    I've reworked the main post to reflect all of the new changes coming with the v3 update, as well as made it fit better with the new forum theme(s).
  14. Jaiden

    I kind of dig it owo

    I kind of dig it owo
  15. Jaiden

    Mog Battle System Costumization (Victory Phase)

    I will take a look when I get a moment. That is going to be a bit more work.
  16. Jaiden

    Mog Battle System Costumization (Victory Phase)

    Alright, here you go. Just replace the original script with this one. There is a "RESULT_ENABLE_ZOOM" option now. It is set to "false" to disable the zoom effect, but if you want to re-enable it at some point, just set this to "true" instead...
  17. Jaiden

    Mog Battle System Costumization (Victory Phase)

    Thanks. Next time, be sure to enclose it in "Code" tags using the post editor so your post isn't so huge. I will take a look at this and get back to you. You just want the zooming effect removed?
  18. Jaiden

    d e l t a t i m e

    d e l t a t i m e
  19. Jaiden

    Mog Battle System Costumization (Victory Phase)

    Can you post the script or a link to the script?
  20. Jaiden

    ADHD and Game Dev

    I have undiagnosed ADHD as well, and it has resulted in my project going in all sorts of directions as I always have a desire to change and try new things and start projects before finishing others. Still, I've managed to remain focused on a single project and everything I've done has been part...

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