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  1. whitesphere

    RPG Creator Released!

    I would also like to see this for Android, but haven't seen any official answer if there are even plans to make one.  I know they're completely different languages, so in effect the developer would need to create a completely different second program in a completely different language.
  2. whitesphere

    Possible to make skill trees?

    Take a look at Yanfly's excellent, free, plug-ins.  I don't think there is a pretty GUI for it, but the mechanics are there.  His plug-ins add a new stat called JP (for Job Points) and you can have Skills be learnable when the actor has a certain number of JP (i.e. 1,000 JP = Fire I), and each...
  3. whitesphere

    Today is my birthday. :-)

    Today is my birthday. :-)
  4. whitesphere

    The value of single-target DEF/MDF buffs

    If I offer single target DEF MDF buffs, I either allow them to be cast before battle, or have ways to control battle flow.  For example, maybe the Warrior has a Taunt mechanic that makes him the most likely target.  And, perhaps the Mages have Veil or Invisibility, a short term state that makes...
  5. whitesphere

    Finding The Right Amount of Characters

    In story heavy RPGs, I'd rather have fewer characters, so each character is explored more in depth.  However, the number of characters also depends on the story.  My current WIP has a MC who b ecame Evil Overlord.  He murdered some of his allies and heroes murdered others.  So the party ends up...
  6. whitesphere

    between your job and rpgmaker

    @Indinera I imagine you'll transition to making games using RPG Maker MV so you can add some mobile income to your portfolio.  
  7. whitesphere

    No level ups. Other ways to increase the strength of your characters.

    If I did a no-levels system, I would have a few things: * JPs would allow characters to increase stats, learn some new skills and mainly to upgrade certain skills' effectiveness (i.e. upgrade Fire I to Fire II) * Defeating bosses would unlock special abilities such as "Stonewall" (extremely...
  8. whitesphere

    One reason I might like the console is Activision and Imagic games on Atari 2600 weren't part of...

    One reason I might like the console is Activision and Imagic games on Atari 2600 weren't part of any emulator console I've seen, probably due to licensing costs, but Activision might release a cartridge of all of their greatest hits...
  9. whitesphere

    Happy Holidays 2015

    Newbie Tips: Before you do a single thing in RPG Maker, open your favorite editor or word processor, and plan the game out.  For RPGs, Story is Everything.  Based on the story, what are the significant characters?  What is the world like?  What does each area feel like?  All of these come...
  10. whitesphere

    Would you pay $70 for games if dlc and micro-transactions went down in quantity and price?

    It depends on the game and how replayable it is. I enjoy Skyrim, but the DLC purchases are significant expansions (Dragonborn is an entire island with towns, more Dwarven ruins, etc) and since Skyrim is an older game, the DLC isn't too expensive. The game for PC cost around $50 when released...
  11. whitesphere

    Perks passive buffs

    Skyrim doles out a few perk points, but they do a lot.  Attack damage rises by 20% per perk, for example (5 perks max) Personally, I like a midpoint where each perk may give, say, a 5% improvement. If I put in a perk system, here are some I would add, besides the obvious boost your stats (MHP...
  12. whitesphere

    Thoughts on RNG?

    It really depends on how randomized the attacks are.  I think RPG Maker calls this the "Variance".  It would be very boring to always have your fighter's attack do 50 damage against an opponent.  Now, if a normal attack has a very high variance, I agree it can create very annoying situations in...
  13. whitesphere

    Yanfly could be in a Developer's Room like Chrono Trigger, where severely OP boss battles don't...

    Yanfly could be in a Developer's Room like Chrono Trigger, where severely OP boss battles don't actually kill the party.
  14. whitesphere

    What's the WORST advice you can give as a game developer?

    Be sure to try to sell your first game. Don't waste your time with playtesting and bug fixing.   When players complain about bugs, it's their problem.  Your game is perfect as it is. Make your maps as wide open as possible.  Every inn should be 256x256 even if it just has an innkeeper and a...
  15. whitesphere


    Sorry about the delay for getting back to you, Klaus. I have an updated version of the plug-in on my pastebin here: The plug-in defaults to 100 for Brightness and Loudness and should get rid of the "split" error.
  16. whitesphere

    Why we still love retro

    I think a big part of it is that older games took more risks than modern games.  Because they didn't cost an arm and a leg and take years to make, mainly due to graphics and sound resources, companies could try out riskier games that may not do well.  Back in the early 1980s, coders would...
  17. whitesphere

    Damage Alterations : Resistances and Weaknesses

    I like the idea of having both damage bonuses and resistances.  It depends on the elemental type and the exact opponent.  For example, an edged weapon might have Cutting damage that is nigh useless against an enemy made of rock but extra deadly against plant-based opponents. And I agree such...
  18. whitesphere

    Ancient Dungeons: Jungle suggestion thread

    I would love to see a bridge and/or ladder made out of tree roots.  There is a real life tribe who has made a bridge out of fig tree roots.  The trees are still alive and well, so the bridge is predicted to last 500 years or so.
  19. whitesphere

    Negative points about MV when compared with older RMs?

    The biggest thing I liked was how VX Ace could keep the RTP in a separate folder from the game specific assets.  This would keep the default game ZIP size to around 23 MB, depending mainly on audio files, because VX Ace would load the RTP at runtime.  It also meant creating a new project was far...
  20. whitesphere

    It is good practice to use the JavaScript function wrapper (i.e. (function() { ... })(); ) so...

    It is good practice to use the JavaScript function wrapper (i.e. (function() { ... })(); ) so your variables don't conflict with others. And use function aliases to call the existing functions as they would be called before your plug-in. I think that's good programming practice.

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