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  1. gamer_girl09

    Air ship

    I'm kinda super broke at the moment so If it is what I'm looking for I'm SOL for a while...
  2. gamer_girl09

    Air ship

    do you know how i can download it (Figured out the download part.) and do you know if there's a tile set for the inside of it?
  3. gamer_girl09

    Air ship

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I've been going crazy trying to find a tile set for both inside and outside for an air ship to match the vehicle sprite with the balloon. Specifically would like for it to match the coloration of the RTP but I also would like...
  4. gamer_girl09

    Hiding items in the shop menu until a certain time

    That actually seems easier than I thought.. .Thank you... Both of you.
  5. gamer_girl09

    Hiding items in the shop menu until a certain time

    Could it be like when they find the item it becomes available?
  6. gamer_girl09

    Hiding items in the shop menu until a certain time

    So I want to just have all of my item shops sell the same stuff but I want some items hidden til the player finds them in game. For rpgmaker MV.
  7. gamer_girl09

    RPG Maker MV Templates and Guideline

    The download link for the database is broken... Just letting you know...
  8. gamer_girl09

    Help with code

    @mjshi yeah it's supposed to return true if the number is in the list and false if it isn't @Shaz I use python to test an idea out then i convert it to either java or C# depending on the program i am using... i haven't taken the time to really mess with ruby...
  9. gamer_girl09

    Help with code

    the spoiler has the code i am trying to get working... the error i am getting is: TypeError: object of type 'generator' has no len()
  10. gamer_girl09

    Mr Pyramids Stuff

    where was this like 2 months ago lol been needing the snow clifts for a while thanks!
  11. gamer_girl09

    Don't understand error code

    I'm not sure what is was but I messed around with the setting in the plug-in manager and it is now working. Thank you for pointing my attention in the direction of fixing my problem
  12. gamer_girl09

    Don't understand error code

    the above spoiler has a screenshot of the error. below is the list of plug-ins i am using. I am trying to get this mini game done for my dad as a late fathers day gift...
  13. gamer_girl09

    Xbox 1.5 and PS4.5, this is a terrible idea isn't it?

    The new consoles are also suppose to support online play between Xbox one and PS4... 
  14. gamer_girl09

    The Crystal Prophecies

    I love your KH referance in the first post and second i don't mind helping out where and when i can but i have managed(as it seems that i always do) overload myself with stuff to do because i get bored and want to do something... lol but i would love to help out
  15. gamer_girl09

    Rise To Birth (recruitment)

    Still looking for help if anyone is interested
  16. gamer_girl09

    Project Elemental MV (v1)

    I really like the idea of this so don't give up and if you ever need help i am more then willing to help(as long as i don't have to draw or script i can't draw and i have only just started learning how to make scripts)
  17. gamer_girl09

    rpgmaker 3 for ps2

    That's fine... I'll probably just take it back if someone has an answer they can pm me so if you wish you can close this Shaz EDIT:And just realized i double posted sorry....
  18. gamer_girl09

    rpgmaker 3 for ps2

    I don't have any problems with any of my other games so i think it might be the disk....
  19. gamer_girl09

    rpgmaker 3 for ps2

    Oh ok sorry do you by chance know where i might find the answer i am looking for though?

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