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  1. Instant Turn Battle

    It can add a state to an enemy when hit by a weakness and give the actor an extra action. But I'm not sure if the same is true for enemies since I haven't tried these features.
  2. appearance of element (example staircase)

    Easiest would be to manage it with a variable and then have each step as an event whose page is activated when it reaches that number. If you need more steps instead of entire tales then you'll need to make more graphics for it but it's the same idea. If you mean steps appearing as you go up...
  3. Attachable Augments for Guns

    If guns are the games main mechanic it all depends on how much work it'll be for you to balance. Ammo and Bottom can probably be merged since they seem to do the same thing though. Barrel and Stock also seem to do the same. Top makes sense. The holster seems more like a regular acessory unless...
  4. In the bed + eyes flashing (succeeds) search reflection of the moon / sun through the windo

    So basically shines or shafts throught the window? Then make the graphics for it. Any advanced automated solution would actually wind up more complicated.
  5. Help with Thrown/Missile weapons? This plugin costs about $9 but it seems well worth it. The Japanese plugin author TRB also has MoveAnime2, a simpler one that takes some special setup. Vibrato made a video on it here:
  6. Problem with animations

    The chanting motion is decided in the Database by listing which skill types count as "magic" as far as SV poses do.
  7. Merging Autotiles Issue [solved]

    The layering effect only applies to the last four autotiles in a strip. The resource standards page in the help file goes over it in more detail.
  8. Needing a makeover for my Status Windows

    The status screen is a single window however so Supertools can't help much there. He'd also need custom code to show the equipped passive skills.
  9. Anyone know if Irinas Action Sequence plugin works in MV 1.6.1?

    Link: This seems like an absolutely fantastic plugin and the projectile, target and movement easing stuff that I'd use it for doesn't seem to rely on WebGL. The one "problem" is that it was developed under 1.6.2 and I'm a bit vary of updating...
  10. Stat Growth While Leveling Up

    The middle ground is something like Final Fantasy 7 that soft rolls your characters stats when you start the game so you're never sure if you end up with a Cloud that favors magic or physical abilities. Then again FF7 also had the problem of all characters turning out too similar besides their...
  11. i am new and need help with creating my game.

    The Romancing SaGa games have very little "plot" in terms of character writing and are more a collection of sidequests with an additional checklist of goals towards facing the final boss. Structure can be whatever you want it to be.
  12. Looking for a set of plugins that give skill to the game

    SomeRandomDude has a few action timing prompt plugins but I'm not sure if they are still supported or not. But it's worth a look.
  13. Stats Boost Potions

    There are plugins that'll allow flat values but I don't remember their names off the top of my head, sorry.
  14. Events to reflect season changes?

    Changing tilesets is probably the most painless option.
  15. Is there a way to allow walking "closer" to walls? Triacontane has a half-tile movement plugin you can try.
  16. Elemental Weakness stun

    Maybe you have an older version of the plugin but Elemental Weakness settings are included in it at the top of the plugin settings list.
  17. Change main menù text color

    Then you'll need a plugin and I can't help you there.
  18. Need help with teleporting

    The Transfer Player event command already lets you set variables for the X and Y position. No need for a plugin.
  19. Change main menù text color

    Easiest way is editing the windowskin since the text colors are taken from there.
  20. 2 tiles high Sprites conflicting with tileset collisions

    It looks like you set it up right and it behaves as it should. If you want a star tile to cover the characters head you'll need to place it there.

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