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  1. Kavaline

    [RMXP] How I edit data_states? (creating a second HP)

    Hi guys, In my project using RPG Maker XP, I wat use 2 HP counters; the HP, and other, called EP. I search all functions for HP, and duplicate, just renaming for EP, and scripting the battle for decide when remove from each counter. The enemies can have just one counter, but for less headache...
  2. Kavaline

    [XP] Causing status on attackers and defensors

    Hi, I'm new with RMXP, and want add a debuff when someone attack a target in guard stance. I know where I add the code, but can't find how inflict this status, what function I can use. I need put in Game_battler_3, in section "Applying Normal Attack Effects" (I made changes in script that affect...

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