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  1. DangDut

    [Library] DKTools

    Please make game demo. Thanks.
  2. DangDut

    Fit Picture To Screen Plugin

    Does credits needed?
  3. DangDut

    Product Release: World History and Modern!

    POP! HORROR CITY: CHARACTER BUNDLE Why? Can't wait to have the 8 service dogs
  4. DangDut

    Nice game @numfanklewhat I wonder how to add as friend on this new forum template. I don't...

    Nice game @numfanklewhat I wonder how to add as friend on this new forum template. I don't know about you, but I love to be your friend. 
  5. DangDut

    Children Games within Steam

    Using RPG MV, I able to make some games that Google Play Store have. It's not ordinary RPG MV games so you can image it as typical Android games but build using RPG MV. I have make some prototypes of those games, but since no proper credits made I will still hide it. The question is, does...
  6. DangDut

    Image as Map Name Plugin

    Woaaa... super awesome. UPDATE: Few suggestions: - Show animations, run or displayed when start showing image - Hide animations, run or displayed when start hiding or removing image - On-going animations, run or displayed when image is show state for some custom times. Thanks.
  7. DangDut

    Image as Map Name Plugin

    I wonder, could you make a plugin that able to show an individual image plus ability for using that animations. Thanks in advance. *Such as I want to show image.png and using your plugin I can show it plus enhanced with those animations.
  8. DangDut

    Japanese-style Sideview battlers

    Awesome, this make my job easier since I have somekind of animation pattern or templates.
  9. DangDut

    SV_Battlers from SV_enemies [9. The Hornet]

    Amazing, looking forward to more of these. Can you tell us how to make those nice sv animations?
  10. DangDut

    EST - Build And Decor EX

    Nice, I always love your updates. Another idea: An ability to show/hide or selectable/not-selectable (gray color) for any decor item(s). show -> shown on item popup window hide -> hidden on item popup window or selectable -> shown and able to be selected on item popup window...
  11. DangDut

    [Dev] HMS - Hime Message System

    Kudos, the plugin is awesome, but any plan for text frame? Such as fancy dialog box/frame? Thanks.
  12. DangDut

    [MV] ZE - Character Poses

    Nice plugin for ZE - Character Poses I have try and finally able to use it. I just need a method on how to make the poses. There is file extension exclusion on Windows Defender, I do that for .js as seen on
  13. DangDut

    NANO BGM Loader 0.1 (under experimental)

    Update please. thanks.
  14. DangDut


    Thanks. As I aware last time the opacity not directly updated, actor need to touch it to enable opacity. Going to report it but it solved when trying latest demo. Kudos.
  15. DangDut

    EST - Build And Decor EX

    It's an event that you are moving, practically you can do anything.
  16. DangDut

    EST - Build And Decor EX

    Working well so far. Your description explain why the function work on another map but not on that map. An Ideas: - We are able to place it (Place Furniture / Place Building) at any place we want, can we grab/remove/delete it with the same feature but in reverse? (locate the cursor position...
  17. DangDut

    EST - Build And Decor EX

    EST_Clone_Transform_Delete_Event.js + this._eventData = this._eventData || $[eventId] || $[1]; - this._eventData = this._eventData || $[eventId] || $[$]; EST.Clone_Transform_Delete_Event.Game_Event_initialize =...
  18. DangDut

    [Abandoned Plugin] Super Orange Movement

    Not working well with 'OrangeRegionNames', the name keep updated / displayed on each step. Could you take a look? Thanks. *Name a region with 'Some Name', without this plugin it show only one unless I entering other named region. With this plugin the region name displayed on each step within...
  19. DangDut

    EST - Build And Decor EX

    @estriole  Your new demo generated error for me Run Demo > Go to [Map 004] "EST - Build And Decor" > Get Building or NPC Items from Chest EV002 or EV004 > Trying to place it on EV001, EV006 or EV009 > Get error. Could you check? Thanks.

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