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  1. ShadowDragon

    I'm Back!

    welcome back, we hope we can help you whenever you need it :)
  2. ShadowDragon

    What free swag do you like to get?

    anything usefull for the dev's :)
  3. ShadowDragon

    Is there a way to check which actor is being targeted at the start of a turn?

    I think its not possible though, unless you kinda force it with one of yanfly plugin and use some coding, otherwise, it needs a plugin, but still, I'm not sure if it is even posible, but it really depends on the how and why you want to know which actor is being attack. will you be able to...
  4. ShadowDragon

    Disable animations on screen

    Nice job finding that one, can be helpfll to the rest if they get trouble with it. PS: if your issue is solved, report your post to close the thread ^^
  5. ShadowDragon

    Disable animations on screen

    charposes and eventsensor isn't required, but recommend to let it function more correctly. but to turn them off, you kinda need a code and probably either an option core. if using yanfly, it require a bit of code so you can target its core to turn them off. I think there is an animation...
  6. ShadowDragon

    Moving Platforms

    it looks nice to have this script in a puzzle map, question only is: why a transfer player? while it doesn't really transfer to another map. you also transfer to "this map id" while it can be avoided. in my opinion, it need to jump and follow the platform rules, unless im mistaken?
  7. ShadowDragon

    Disable animations on screen

    it would be more helpfull if you told us which plugins and effect, chronoengine? alpha abs? evented abs? because some plugins require some other settings to turn them off, animation can be turned off, but that also required the plugin of it to target it :)
  8. ShadowDragon

    Sprites (Events) With Weapons?

    Like I said, open the character into photoshop, gimp or krita, open weapons1 or weapons2 or any weapon you like to attached, copy weapon to the character, add it, save the character, at this point you have a character holding a weapon in 1, than use it as event. like you have with that guard...
  9. ShadowDragon

    Diagonal Movement Up Stairs

    if its a 1 way door, its best to event that part on player/event touch. I cant check atm, but you need a bridge part as event to walk under and above it. than use move routes to switch it on and off and through :)
  10. ShadowDragon

    Sprites (Events) With Weapons?

    I hoped you can started to try, buyt I can make a quick sample though. give me a couple of minutes tomake a basic of it. EDIT: (gif) this goes fast, but you can slower (sample of 3 not fully character sheet) it's just a quick sample of the basic you can use as event if you do it nicely.
  11. ShadowDragon

    Kal Kally's Generator Resource Collection

    nice, I hope you can make a .zip or .rar package to download all of them. nice job thouhg =)
  12. ShadowDragon

    Sprites (Events) With Weapons?

    take a character sheet where you want to add weapons too, take a weapon1, weapon2 etc and drag the weapon to the character itself. for the up and down weapon, it might be adjusted created (which can be a bit more time. if its only side wards (left and right) than weapon sheet is the easy part...
  13. ShadowDragon

    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 7.0.0

    link say 7.00 but js file says 6.00, not updated teh helpfile and its update there and or name? or is it 7.00 but forgot the changes on the file names? kinda confusing.
  14. ShadowDragon

    Sprites (Events) With Weapons?

    the best way to hold weapons to npc events, is to adjust them. like you have a walking character, you basicly add the weapon to it so its holding one or slash with it. that is the very basic of holding events weapons.
  15. ShadowDragon

    How to make that your actors won't choose automatically next target in battle

    I know a game that it skip their turn when the enemy is dead or guard otherwise, that is a very nice idea, but I wont go into the core plugin itself, it's safer to make an alias to that function in a new plugin, if something goes wrong, you can edit from that :) But im not sure how to do that...
  16. ShadowDragon

    FREE Recruiting a Small "Serious" Team for a Project (Alice's Under-Tower)

    if yo ustill need playtesters, hit me up :P
  17. ShadowDragon

    Projects dont save Changes after PC was in Sleep Mode

    Best way, when you take a break, just save the project if you plan to leave it open. Windows just mostly minimize or keep them open when you put it out of sleepmodeand run the programs that are open. I personally dont let the pc into sleepmode, but when I go away for a while (3+ hours) than its...
  18. ShadowDragon

    Diagonal Movement Up Stairs

    Halfmove.js plugin can be get here, but when you click on the link, you would see all js files. half move mostly add a half move (24 pixels) instead of 48 which can be disabled. It might have an code inside that is readed or that undulation works for both 24 and 48 pixel move. so it is...
  19. ShadowDragon

    Diagonal Movement Up Stairs

    @caethyril the plugin of tonbi might be hard, but it can do slopes, 3 different stairs from almost vertical to horizontal and also spiral stairs which is nice. if he need just 45% to go up and down diagonal, than you can also use 1 or 2 events when touch. so a plugin wont be needed, if you want...
  20. ShadowDragon

    Diagonal Movement Up Stairs

    Im not sure what you mean, but you can approach walking stairs ON and OFF diagnally using this plugin. It wont be an easy plugin, but its very powerfull one.

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