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  1. Clockwarkgate

    Getting ready for Halloween?

    Me? Not quite xD I got a bag of snicker bites in the fridge doe.... and currently working with a friend's short horror game.
  2. Clockwarkgate

    Point Shop Script Request

    Works like scene_shop but instead of "gold" as currency, it will use a game_variable instead. When selling an item, the sell value of the item is added to the game_variable. Vice versa on buying.
  3. Clockwarkgate

    Someone is trying to steal my game

    Heya! Project CROSS here! Real name, Roy Luigi Cruz. Head developer of Team Clockwarkgate. I made the rpg maker games "Hope's Fleet Frontier" series and I love kerrets Someone is taking credit of my work in a facebook group, and somewhere in 4chan. This guy has been harrassing me and attempting...
  4. Clockwarkgate

    Show picture when item is used

    request; I know its possible with common event but I want it without the use of common events.Just via script. Function1; I use "Satan's Letter", the item menu won't close instead the picture will fade in (15wait) over the menu and opens a transparent/invisible text box. if you push exit (X...
  5. Clockwarkgate

    Lost and Unreleased Rpgmaker games

    I'm sure some of you rpg maker game developer here started with an experiment project, to be more familiarize with the software, and I'm sure some of those have lots of awkward story, graphics, maps, and dialogs. By making those kind of small games, you learned much about story building. After 1...
  6. Clockwarkgate

    Centering the Graphics from the Event Box

    Is there a way to make my 96x96 sprite anchored at the center of the event box instead of center bottom of the event? (What for?) I'm gonna use it for oversized spaceship on my GTBS game, for target point accuracy. If its possible for VXace, you can also tell me.
  7. Clockwarkgate

    Eric X Harold

    :hswt2::ewink: I ship em! Somebody has to make a short game about em.
  8. Clockwarkgate

    RMVX HFF SKY (one map challenge)

    ~Hope's Fleet Frontier SKY~ GENRE: -Survival, Adventure, Board game -Estimated game play = 30 minutes -Expect lots of grammar errors! OVERVIEW: SCREENSHOTS: CREDITS: LINK HERE: :kaopride: UPDATED!!Hw0lyLLC!0xTx5tjrPNVHWURgx-9TGUyA-1ml8SqUqitNnIK0X0Y CHANGE LOG...
  9. Clockwarkgate

    Character Cameos from other's series

    With evil intentions and legit consent. I was thinking of asking other rpg maker developers to feature one of their characters to appear as "Summon" in my game. No dialog and its non-canon. With all credits to respective owners, and NO i will make my own sprite and artwork to match the game's...
  10. Clockwarkgate

    Counter Attack State [VX]

    Like the reflect mechanic in tankentai side view battle, i need a state that triggers a skill (ID) when attacked.
  11. Clockwarkgate

    Disable using of Items in battle

    The title says it all. Are there any scripts for RPG Maker VX (not Ace) like this? Edited; "Like the toogle of Menu Access ON/OFF function. Script call that disables item command in battle."
  12. Clockwarkgate

    [RMVX] Recharge Skill by modern algebra problem

    The script works fine but I got a mysterious error that only occurs in one ability. (or maybe more than one) Screenshot and modern algebra's Recharge Skill script is attached. Please help! The ability includes "confuse" effect, which enrages the caster and unable to control...
  13. Clockwarkgate

    Player Movement Glitch for RPG Maker VX

    My character keeps moving left,. but i can still move up/down and open the menu. already tried doing an empty project but it still glitches. EDIT; New problem, it seems that left button is not functioning in item menu.
  14. Clockwarkgate

    Force Shutdown Script

    Calling a script that will force shutdown the game in an instant.
  15. Clockwarkgate

    Character Fusion in battle

    RGSS2; I have created a character morph and now is the time to make Fusions. -an actor uses a skill "Fusion". -replace caster and ONE specific actor in the database. (example; caster + actor2 OR actor1 +actor2) equals actor3 -vise versa, needs disintergrate mechanic. (actor3 splits into actor...
  16. Clockwarkgate

    Requesting 'Exploding state'

    Need a "State Script" that activates when the character with the state is attacked. Here is the mechanic: basically, just like "Thorn Bind Hostage" effect.
  17. Clockwarkgate

    RGSS2 - Requesting Battle Camera Motion

    I searched everywhere and only XP and Ace has this scripts. heres how it works: -actor casts skill -zoom in/pan camera to the caster -pan camera to target -zoom back to normal view or if you know ar tonelico or mana khemia, the camera motion in those games is what im looking for. note; Im...
  18. Clockwarkgate

    This Happy Yet Wonderful Funhouse - DEMO

    OVERVIEW: "Aubrey Camembert just move onto his Uncle's place at South Red Capital to spend her vacation. At her first day, she was invited by her uncle's friend to visit their Cafe. The place is covered with the aroma of the sweet cake and coffee. A problem occurs in the kitchen, the panic...
  19. Clockwarkgate

    IDEA DUMP; Ability Sets

    any skill ideas or recommendations... do in this format. Here is my idea: ---SET1--- [Enfeeble] deals "water" damage and adds "Physical Damage Amplify" for 4 turns. [Aqua Prison] stuns the enemy for 3 turns and has "water amplify". [Thunderous Wave] charges an attack for 200% ATB time and...
  20. Clockwarkgate

    IDEA DUMP; My kind of flaw

    I like to share all the story concepts that I have created... (1) A story of a 18yr old guy who has lost his memory after meeting this 14yr old girl. The girl has no reflection infront of the mirror. The two of them were meet by fate to protect the city they live in. Because they were chosen by...

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