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  1. gub

    Video Game Characters You Adore

    What are your favourite video game characters of all time? RPG, FPS, Platformer? Doesn't matter! My personal favourites (in no particular order) : John Marston : Red Dead Redemption Crono : Chrono Trigger Morte : Planescape : Torment The Nameless One : Planescape : Torment Andrew Ryan : BioShock...
  2. gub

    Difficulty in RPGs

    How do I handle difficulty in an RPG Maker game? Too easy, boring. Too hard, frustrating. How do I hit that sweet "challenging" spot?
  3. gub

    Drawing Sprite Over Actor Graphic?

    Hi, as the title suggests, i'm thinking about implementing a shield mechanic in my game, using SAS IV, which has no shield mechanic. Luckily, I found a tutorial on how to do the technical side of it, all that remains is how I can draw this : Over,say, this sprite? (which is the actor...
  4. gub

    Quick HUD Edit Needed

    I just installed Sapphire Action Battle System in my game,and need a quick edit by someone who can do better than me. Type: Just an edit . Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: The system comes with a built in HUD format,but the faces are pre-set. Check the template and the...
  5. gub

    Making a Better RPG

    I've curated this playlist from videos I personally watched and enjoyed with tips on how to make better sidequests, dungeons, narratives etc.. If you have a youtube account you can add videos you enjoyed and want everyone to see and be listed as a collaborator. LINK ...
  6. gub

    How do you motivate yourself?

    Title says it all. To motivate myself, i work on two projects at once. Right now I have a project in VXA and a project in Godot.Really keeps me motivated to do some real progress on both. (Think this is a bad idea?)
  7. gub

    Hi.I'm new.

    Hello, my name's gub. As you probably knew if you looked left. I'm just kind of a normal guy who likes video games (who doesn't) and decides one day to make his own. As you'll know if you digged deeper, i'm a huge fan of 90s cRPGs, and old SNES rpgs such as Earthbound and Chrono Trigger (who...

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Been having a lot of fun playing Hearts of Iron IV. Had to restart a few times, but now I've finally conquerd Europe with my Axis friends, and am currently invading the Soviet Union.
Guess I'll rework all the existing screens in my game. Except of the save/battle screen. For this I will be lazy and use Yanfly. With my current pace it'll take a few months.

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