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  1. Plugin for changing enemy troops position This is what I was looking for.
  2. Diagonal Movement Up Stairs

    Another strange thing my game is doing when I attempt to go through the the events of my bridge my character can walk anywhere it wants to all over my map without any region one it little above me..thanks for the response.
  3. Diagonal Movement Up Stairs

    I'm still confused how to get my characters up the stairs I showed you earlier. First my characters have to walk underneath my stairs like they would underneath a bridge. Then after walking underneath they walk up the stairs diagonally. Which means that whatever setting I put in place so they...
  4. Change Image Plugin?

    Ok, cool, I think that will solve my problem. My characters are meeting as if they are ready to walk into each other.
  5. Change Image Plugin?

    Alright dudette:)
  6. Change Image Plugin?

    This is a pretty glitchy engine dude
  7. Change Image Plugin?

    Choosing an image in a particular direction without having to change the direction of the empty event. It would save me sometime because I would not have to worry about fixing the direction of the character.
  8. Change Image Plugin?

    Does anyone know of a plugin that allow me to change an event with one character image rather than the entire set. This is image is an example of what I don't want.
  9. Diagonal Movement Up Stairs

    I ended up using Cae's slope move for now because I'm still technically a noob. But shadowdragon, can I get a link for halfstep.js undulation plugin says that it is needed for it to work. I just realized that I do have spiral stairs and I'm going to have to use this plugin. You can see these...
  10. Diagonal Movement Up Stairs

    What I am saying that I installed a plugin that allows upward diagonal movement on the tileset but not downward diagonal movement on the same tileset unless I make a whole new map with a whole new set of terrain tags on that paticular tileset. I'm going to try out these suggestions.
  11. Diagonal Movement Up Stairs

    I've different plugins for stairs and I'm finding that these plugins will only allow you diagonal movement either up or down one set of stairs using the terrain tags. What if you want to use the same set of stairs with having to make a whole new map just for diagonal down movement?
  12. Help with Control time event

    Ok I'm going to look into all these things. I've never used variables before. Ok, but if the player actually waits the girl shouldn't be upstairs being chased by the high priest. I got it. I just had to use a conditional branch with a else branch included on the floor with the high priest...
  13. Help with Control time event

    In this event the secretary asks the player to wait for 5 minutes because the high priest is busy. Thus begins the control timer event. In the meantime if the player gets impatient attempts to go up the stairs the secretary warns him not to do so. If the player keeps trying to go up they...
  14. Plugin for changing enemy troops position

    I turned off everything except the core plugins and screen resolution and its still doing it. F*** it. I just moved the battlers up so they are on par with the enemy using the core engine. What the hell???Oh well. lol.
  15. Plugin for changing enemy troops position

    I'm currently using yep's action sequence 2 to replace magic animations with attack animations during skills. These are the current plugins I have.
  16. Plugin for changing enemy troops position

    You see that the enemy is not on par with my battlers. I tried changing the resolution to the default resolution and they became on par. I don't want the default resolution.
  17. Plugin for changing enemy troops position

    I want to move the enemies down so they are on par with my battlers. Now it looks like if they are somehow floating above them. I would show you a screen shot but the file size of my image exceeds the capabilities of this forum. I will try this as well.
  18. Plugin for changing enemy troops position

    Can someone give me a link for a plugin that changes enemy troop position and is sure to work. I've been searching around, but I can't seem to find one.
  19. yanfly character scaler

    I recently purchase yanfly's character sheet upscaler or downscaler. My images are small and they are also 16-bit. When I change the name of the png file with the addendum [48x48] rpg maker won't start saying that it cannot find the character sheet in question, but if I remove the addendum...
  20. Change image

    I used custom route, thanks.

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