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  1. rambamboo

    Custom Skill Animations Look Different From The Image File?

    Hi! I've been playing around with the skill animations tab for the first time since I'm thinking of drawing up and creating my own animations eventually. I decided to try making a simple cut-in animation (similar to the cut-ins in Disgaea where an image slides into frame) with an old drawing...
  2. rambamboo

    Remove/Replace 'Powered by MV' Title Card?

    I haven't used RMMV for a couple of years and just recently began using it again. I don't remember this title card being present in projects before. Is there a way to remove it or change it to a different image? If it's looked down upon to remove it, I'd like to know how to replace it. I'm all...
  3. rambamboo

    Hovering Sprite Animation

    Hi guys! I feel like there's a simple answer to this but I'm new to RMMV (and RM in general) but how do you make a sprite hover up and down while not moving/walking? I know you'd just make the walk cycle sprites the same image moving up and down for the character to hover while...
  4. rambamboo

    Is It Possible to Make This Your Career?

    Hi guys! I've been thinking about this seriously for a few weeks now, and I know I'm absolutely not at the point where I can make something that'll take the world by storm (yet! :p), but I've just been wondering, has anyone ever actually created a whole career out of their RPG Maker games...
  5. rambamboo

    Party of More Than 4?

    Hi guys! I'm planning a game that'll have 5 party members at one point (or even 6). Is this possible? I tried a test to see if it'd even show more than 3 party members on the map following the first actor, and it doesn't show any more actors after the first 4 listed after all. Is this the...
  6. rambamboo

    Minigame Plugins

    Hi pals! Please move this to the right forum if this isn't where it should be. I'm wondering if people can point me to some cool minigame plugins. I've tried one before (it came with Moghunter's title screen plugin package), and I know Galv has a space invaders type of minigame, but now I'm...
  7. rambamboo

    Get X Ending(s) To Get Y Ending

    Hi! I tried searching Google and this forum for a thread about this but I couldn't find answers. I'm wondering if it's possible to make it so that the player has to get one ending (or multiple endings) to unlock a 'true' ending on your next playthrough? Like in Undertale or the Zero Escape...
  8. rambamboo

    Can a Free Game Infringe Copyright

    Hi! Please move this if it's in the wrong forum. I haven't been able to find a concise answer about this through Google, but I'm basically wondering if it's legal to use copyrighted music in your game if you're not making money off it. Would you have to get permission or would it be legally...
  9. rambamboo

    Slow Down Text During Battles

    Hi! I was wondering, is there a plugin or something that can slow down the text during battles? Or make it so that you have to click to advance the text? I don't mean in specific parts or anything, I just mean as a whole during the entire game. The text during battles goes way too fast for my...
  10. rambamboo

    Picture Not Appearing

    Hi! This is my first time using RPG Maker MV and actually my first time implementing pictures as well. I'm having an issue where pictures aren't appearing; the screen just turns black as soon as the player enters the map (even though the actual map the event is on isn't black/transparent)...
  11. rambamboo

    Player Can't Go Through Passable Tiles

    Hi! I've been having an issue where my player can't walk through passable floor tiles (she can't move around, but she can face different directions). I've checked that they're marked as passable and in the A2 (Ground) slot. I've tried starting the player in different maps with the same...
  12. rambamboo

    Player Going Through Impassable Tiles?

    Hi! I'm making my first RPG Maker game as well as tilesets, and I'm having an issue where my player can go through impassable tiles from my tileset. I've checked and all my impassable tiles are marked by X, as well as being in A4 (Walls). It's strange because they seem to only be able to go...
  13. rambamboo

    Making Floor Tiles

    Hi, everyone! I'm new to this site and to RPG making in general (making my first game in RMMV right now!) I've been trying to make my own tileset, and I've been using the default Inside tilesets as a template and saving over them (since I heard this was an easy way for beginners to make their...

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