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  1. Emanzi

    Game Character Hub - Portfolio Edition (Edit does nothing!)

    In game character hub portfolio edition when I generate a random sprite and try to edit it within the engine it does nothing, the edit button does not work and I am forced to export as a PNG and then open it up in the engine, the problem is that this makes it impossible to change some small...
  2. Emanzi

    HIME ChoiceDisplayMode cannot read property ‘y’ of null (Rpg Maker MV 1.6.2)

    The plugin HIME ChoiceDisplayMode gives me an error saying “cannot read property ‘y’ of null”. I disabled Yanflys MessageCore and tried shifting the plugins position but nothing works. Here is a console log. Here is a screenshot of my plugins.
  3. Emanzi

    Battle Test Opens Up Title Screen? (RPG Maker MV)

    [SOLVED] Hi, when I test battle in the troops database section, it opens up the title screen in rpg maker mv 1.6.1, this persists even when I create a new game. Here is a console log.
  4. Emanzi

    Battle Test Opens Up Title Screen? (RPG Maker MV)

    Hi, when I test battle in the troops database section, it opens up the title screen in rpg maker mv 1.6.1, this persists even when I create a new game. Here is a console log.
  5. Emanzi

    RMMV Wanderlust: An Item Hunter Prototype

    Deleted due to inactivity.
  6. Emanzi

    Blank Screen When Play-testing MV

    When I try and playlets my game from within the RPG Maker MV editor on windows or mac It runs but remains as a black or blank screen, No Made with MV logo, no title screen, not even a sound or music and worst of all, no error message. When I try run the index.html file on windows, the game...
  7. Emanzi

    [SOLVED] Lets Talk True RPG Game Mechanics Design

    I've come across the term True RPG before and I'm a little confused as to what it actually means and if its not just another name for Computer RPG (CRPG). My interpretation might be wrong but I would say that a True RPG is different from a Western RPG (WRPG) and a Japanese RPG (JRPG) in that it...
  8. Emanzi

    [SOLVED] Custom Cartoony Manga Busts

    Hey guys. Been a while... Testing out a hand drawn bust I made. What do you guys think? Does it match the sprite and fit with the style? I’m going for a simple cartoony manga look to fit the characters for Old School Modern resource pack by finalbossblues...
  9. Emanzi

    SRD Bust and Icons No Face Glitch With Yanfly's Status Core

    I noticed that the first time you load up the status menu when using SomeRandomDude's bust and icons menu with Yanfly's status Core you don't get a face graphic. I tried shifting the plugin up the list and it either does nothing or gets much worse. Here is my setup for the plugins i'm...
  10. Emanzi

    Libra (Scan) Skill Does Not Work?

    So, I was following this tips and tricks video by Yanfly I installed the plugins in this order. 1) YEP_BattleEngineCore.js 2) YEP_X_VisualHPGauge.js 3) YEP_SkillCore.js and I made a new skill with the following in its note tag: <Before Eval> if...
  11. Emanzi

    How Can I Specify A Battle Background Per Tile?

    (works when world type/field type is selected in the mode for the tileset). So I have an overworked map and I want to control what battle background is specified per each independent tile for example forest for forest auto tiles, grass for grass auto tiles, water for water auto tiles e.t.c. MV...
  12. Emanzi

    Saving and Loading Bug

    Hi, im having a problem when I try and save the game I get an error message saying this._states.contains is not a function It saves a corrupt file then crashes, when I try and load the file it says $gameSystem.versionId is not a function I have posted a screenshot of the plugins I'm using...
  13. Emanzi

    Type Error isDevTools Open is not a function

    Hi, I'm using the following scripts in this order: 1) HIME_PreEmptiveBattleEvents 2) TerraxLighting 3) YEP_CoreEngine 4) YEP_EventChasePlayer 5) YEP_X_EventChaseStealth And I get the following error when I try and run the game. I have an event with the following content page 1 page 2...
  14. Emanzi

    Visual Novel Fantasy Stat System

    [SOLVED] I want to make a stat raising game with visual novel maker and I came up with this. I just want to know if it makes sense to the player as I want to make it a hidden stat system so you don’t get messages like “your strength is 50 points” instead you’ll get ranked like “your getting...
  15. Emanzi

    Rm2k3 facesets and charsets workshop

    Hi there. I'm starting a rpg maker 2k3 workshop for charsets (actors) and facesets and maybe some other stuff. This is original work and it took some time to make (especially the face) so please credit me Emanzi if you use any of the resources in a commercial project and non commercial...
  16. Emanzi

    RPG maker 2003 won’t run/play test

    ***SOLVED*** Whenever I try and play test I get a white screen and then the game crashes. This happens for battles and normal play testing as well. My specs are Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64bit Processor: Intel Celron CPU N2840 @ 2.16GHz (2CPUs) 2.2GHz Direct X Version: 11.2
  17. Emanzi

    RPG creator crashes in battle.

    This about the iOS app RPG Creator. It keeps crashing whenever you battle and attack an enemy. Is there a fix for this or what?
  18. Emanzi

    How to check player coordinates MV

    How do I check the players current coordinates with an events location coordinates in MV. I tried the following code that was meant for rpg maker vx ace in a conditional branch. $game_player.x == $[@event_id].x && $game_player.y == $[@event_id].y
  19. Emanzi

    Loading Bug: Cannot Read Property of Null

    Hi When I load a save file it gives me this error message: Type Error: Cannot read property 'stopSEmittance' of null The scripts/plugins I'm using are: Terrax lighting system, Yanfly's event chase player and event stealth system (both seem to work fine together). The error seems to happen on...
  20. Emanzi

    Does anyone know any RPG Maker games for iOS?

    Does anyone know any RPG Maker games for iOS iPhone/Tablet? I know there like tons of games for Android on the play store. So far the only one I know of for iPhone is "Shinobi RPG".

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