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  1. ptimiya

    [PAID] NPC Bot Plugin Request

    So far I've been solo developing a simulator game and came to the point where I'd use help. I would like to have a plugin that would allow players to chat with an npc via text input. Here I've recorded my game play showing how I see plugin in action: Here on this gif "Player Types" keyboard...
  2. ptimiya

    Growling Garden

          Follow:                              Growling Garden is an eerie story that combines elements of RPG, Adventure and Puzzle games. This is my second game after Back to Felix and I plan for this project to be somewhat bigger. Speaking about bigger - sprites will be much...
  3. ptimiya

    Back to Felix (Rated Teen)

      "Back to Felix" is my first game ever and I'm excited to share it with you! Art and music is done by me (except one song by Zerocrossing).     The story takes place in Brighton - UK, where the guy named Felix lives. He seems to be living his dream...
  4. ptimiya

    Back to Felix - COMPLETED (Brief Nudity)

      Hey everyone! "Back to Felix" is my first game ever and I'm excited to share it with you. All art and music is done by me.   For additional scripting I thank Woratana, Victor Sant, Dirs8, Yanfly, Modern Algebra, Lemony, Seer UK. Spacial thanks to Shayoko for...

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I'm playing DQ:XI DE in 2d mode with the synthesized soundtrack, the only way a RPGMAKER creator should play it. :D
:/ it really get on my nerves reading stuff about how to write a resume and they say things like "turn your failures into wins!!!" ... no interview Ive ever had cared to hear anything about my failures, and why would they :( ?
"Huh? You haven't backed up yet? *menacing stare* "
Been having a lot of fun playing Hearts of Iron IV. Had to restart a few times, but now I've finally conquerd Europe with my Axis friends, and am currently invading the Soviet Union.
Guess I'll rework all the existing screens in my game. Except of the save/battle screen. For this I will be lazy and use Yanfly. With my current pace it'll take a few months.

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