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  1. ZirconStorms

    [rgss3] bitmap.draw_text and slicing text/line breaks

    In relation to this script: I was previously working with a hack solution of just adding various :text arguments, each with their own y values, to fake the look of different lines. But it's a chore and doesn't...
  2. ZirconStorms

    Scene Interpreter - Flash Screen bug

    Main script: Add-on script: The add-on, by default (according to the script description), should allow you to show this in menu scenes: - pictures - weather - tone change - screen flash - fade...
  3. ZirconStorms

    Falcao Map Drops - sprite dispose error

    demo + code - code pastebin - If you stay in the same x and y coordinates of a map drop, access the main menu and go back, the game will crash. "Error: line 116: RGSSError occured. disposed sprite" This does not happen if say...
  4. ZirconStorms

    Particle Item Drops

    Found this video that seems to use a combo of RGSS3 code in RPG XP. Link: Effect starts at around 37 seconds. It seems to be particle-based, but I'm really unsure. Can this item drop script be found anywhere? If not, could this type of effect be recreated? (Edit: fixed typos.)
  5. ZirconStorms

    [RGSS3] Visual Equip - Trouble figuring out a feature

    Script link: Requires: There's a feature written within the help guide that I'd like help with. The description is: "It's possible to have some...
  6. ZirconStorms

    [RGSS3] Scene Interpreter + Event Animations - Picture Erase Error

    Script 1: Script 2: Context: Using this to display a picture + some extra animations right at the start of a scene, and want it to be disposed of once return_scene (exiting the scene) is...
  7. ZirconStorms

    [RGSS3] RETCON Library - Detecting current entry

    Script is called RETCON LIBRARY: JOURNAL by McDohl. Link: I'm trying to detect the current entry that the Journal window is showing, in order to adjust info shown in a custom window. I feel like it has to do with this line (approx. line 338): entry =...
  8. ZirconStorms

    ZS Skills on Status Menu

    ZS Skills on Status Menu // Forum request. Shows an actor's skills, and an optional toggle feature. Customization: Adjust the amount of skills shown. Adjust the toggle button + whether or not you wish for toggle to be enabled. Screenshots: Setup: Paste under the Materials slot, above main...
  9. ZirconStorms

    ZS Non-Combat Menu - Gold Window Addon

    ZS Non-Combat Menu - Gold Window Addon // An alternate layout to Mjshi's non-combat menu. Requires: Mjshi's Non-Combat Menu ( Customization: Adjust whether or not the gold window is shown above or below Mjshi's command...
  10. ZirconStorms

    Item On Event & Key Item Help Window (Patch)

    Item On Event & Key Item Help Window (Patch) // Forum request; a purely visual compatibility patch. Requires: Kadafi's Item Select Help ( Galv's Use Item on Event ( Customization: Adjust the vertical position of the item...
  11. ZirconStorms

    ZS Compact Title Screen

    ZS Compact Title Screen // Forum request. Combines the save menu and title menu into one. Customization: Enable or disable the Continue command. If enabled, you have to click on Continue to scroll through save files. If disabled, you can scroll through the save files and command menu at the...
  12. ZirconStorms

    Large Key Item Select Window

    Large Key Item Select Window // The Select Key Item window will cover the entire screen. Not ideal for games that show this menu and message windows at the same time. Customization: As of version 1.1, you can enable/disable a help window if you're using Kadafi - Item Select Help. (You will...
  13. ZirconStorms

    Title Screen Subtitle Text

    Title Screen Subtitle Text - 1.0 // A purely visual script. Allows a couple of customization features. Customization: Adjust font settings for the subtitles (shadow, outline, bold, italics, name, size) Adjust alignment and vertical offset of the subtitle text. Screenshots: Setup: Paste...
  14. ZirconStorms

    RGSS3 Regedit Modifying - script call error

    Original script: Trying to set the value of DWORD values in-game (0 or 1) and it's not working; think I'm messing up the value format on the reg.set line. Script call: reg =, "Software\Enterbrain\RGSS3") reg.set("PlayMusic", 0) value =...
  15. ZirconStorms

    Modern Algebra Hover Alerts - Sprite Disposal

    Hover Alerts script page: Original script: Once you exit the alert's proximity range (ex: 4 tiles), the alert sprite gets immediately disposed of/hidden. I'm having a hard time figuring out what part of the script tackles this; trying to modify...
  16. ZirconStorms

    Orochii Bitmap Effects picture setup

    This is for VX Ace, but the script works with VX/XP so I guess whatever solution would be similar for the other 2 engines. Link: All the resources needed can be found with this link...
  17. ZirconStorms

    Yanfly System Options - Saving Settings

    Script github: Official link: Once you exit the game or start it up again, all settings you've applied in the system menu will be reset. EX: If...
  18. ZirconStorms

    ZS Category Items

    Category Items // Using item notetags, you can display regular and key items in the Weapons and Armor tab. Customization: None. Screenshots: Setup: Paste under the Materials slot, above main. Open your game's database, and in your item's note section, write either <weapon> or <armor>...
  19. ZirconStorms

    rgss3 simple menu

    The goal is to try and make a menu similar to what you have in The Witch's House. I started working on it after finding this forum request: Probably going to be free...
  20. ZirconStorms

    MP Damage Effect

    MP Damage Effect // When the player takes MP damage, a visual and audio effect happens (like with HP Damage). Customization: Change the SE for the damage effect. For advanced scripters, you can implement your own script calls in perform_mpdamage_effect. Setup: Paste under the Materials slot...

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