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  1. Stretching the gauge bars to fit the UI

    Hi all, I am looking to make it fit better as some of my actors use MP, some use TP and others use both. How would I fix this: Thanks :D
  2. Question about error I'm getting and skill animations.

    Hello all, I just ported over my game from the VX Ace client to the MV version and I am currently running into some troubles. First of all, whenever I play on a specific map the following error pops up: And here's a list of my current plugins (all have default settings): And for my...
  3. Liquid Fire

    Liquid Fire - Beta v0.30 Made with RMVXAce. Story: Liquid Fire. Play the game as a boy called Silver. You start out waking up in some kind of strange dimension. You have no clue who you are and why you're here. And then some sort of white ghost comes around telling you almost killed your...
  4. From non-steam to steam RPGMVA issue

    So yeah, my issue is as following. I made a game over a year ago in the non-steam version of RPG Maker VX Ace. A few weeks ago I made the switch to the steam version and opened my game in the steam one. Today I found out there's a functionality to upload your game to their workshop. So I tried...

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