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    Lunarea's steampunk tiles

    I wanted to grab a few of the steampunk tiles made by Lunarea and Cellianna, but they just got disabled by Photobucket. Has anybody got these? :kaolivid:
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    Tilesets that don't follow the same style as the MV RTP

    I personally hate the style of the new RTP. It just doesn't look good when used for tile mapping Has anyone made some tilesets that don't follow the style of the MV RTP? Or has anyone converted some old graphics to MV? I was going to convert First Seed Material or really anything that isn't...
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    I need some help with the "Cannot set property '_bgmBuffer' of null" error in Atelier Rgss plugins

    So I came for help with this error :kaosigh: I have all the plugins from the plugins folder in Master_MV_16 Plz help meeeeeeeeee :kaoeh: I'm sorry if there was already a thread about this I couldn't find it (I uploaded my plugins)

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