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  1. Cryranos

    YEP Selection Control issue in frontview battle

    Hi, I'm using YEP Selection Control with the battle system in front view mode. In the Battle Core script, the Enemy Auto select can be set to 0 for furthest left and anything else for furthest right. With the Selection Control, the furthest left target is the "target all" option. This means that...
  2. Cryranos

    Toggle TP Display with Switch

    Toggle TP Display with Switch by Cryranos Introduction This is a tiny snippet that lets you designate a switch to determine whether TP is displayed or not. I made this because in my current project, the party doesn't gain access to anything related to TP until later in the game, and I don't...
  3. Cryranos

    My Bank won't let me buy stuff from the RPG Maker store

    So I tried buying The Nothing Battles from the forum store, and I get an error over and over again. Frustrated, I call my bank and ask for help. It turns out that Degica is on some kind of fraud blacklist they keep. :x The customer support lady told me that she can unblock me for a 24-hour...
  4. Cryranos

    Quicksave Command

    Quicksave v.1.3.1 Cryranos Introduction This script recreates the functionality in many RPGs on handheld systems, where the player can save and quit their game at any time, and upon restarting, they will be prompted to either load the file or to delete it and return to the title screen. If...
  5. Cryranos

    Save File Output Control

    Save File Output Control v.1.1 by Metatron Introduction This is a little script that allows you to change several settings related to your save files. It's my first real script! Features - Change the filename of your save files. - Change the maximum number of save files available to...
  6. Cryranos

    How to transfer to another map with just ONE event per map

    Nice. I never thought of using the regions for this. You should also add how to do the variable calculations to make adjacent maps seam together to be quasi-continuous (e.g. stepping onto the left edge of one map will place you on the right edge of the next).
  7. Cryranos

    Eyy, Kids!

    Hallo, alles! Cryranos (aka Alexei, ajramr, Metatron, meta92, goldenryu9292) here! I've been using RPG Maker since XP (unless you count the second PS2 one), but I've never finished anything or even done anything substantial. I can't say I'm really good at anything, but it's just a hobby so it...

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