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  1. robhr

    The "What are your favourite songs?" thread.

    Another one that's tied for favourite....
  2. robhr

    What are you developing besides rpg?

    I tried making a table top game in middle school but none of my friends had the patience to play it. It was basically as close as I could get to a tabletop game of Civilization.
  3. robhr

    Favorite RPG (growing up)

    Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VI Chrono Trigger Star Ocean 2 Tales of Destiny Wild Arms 2 Wild Arms 3 edit: Oh! And Super Mario RPG.
  4. robhr

    What game are you currently Playing?

    Final Fantasy VIII remaster. Probably do a bit of Skyrim after that and then start the Final Fantasy VII remaster. Gotta get that one 100%'d before the remake comes out.
  5. robhr

    Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    Yeah I got the remaster the day it was available. At 82% I think. Just gotta beat Omega Weapon and then the game. About half way through Ultimecia's Castle. 3x speed was great for grinding, yeah. And I cheated a little and used the auto limit thing for the harder bosses.
  6. robhr

    I don't think I've posted my music here...

    These three are from my minimal techno project... This one is from my experimental ambient project... These four are for the soundtrack of the RPG I'm making...
  7. robhr

    What are you developing besides rpg?

    I make websites. Also I might be creating a short film within the next year or two, if that goes well I've got a few other stories I'd like to make into short films or feature films. I've joined the Winnipeg Film Group but I haven't gotten started on anything in production, just the short...
  8. robhr

    Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    [edit: You know what this first one could get me in trouble.] Final Fantasy VIII is wonderful.
  9. robhr

    What do you like to drink or usually drink?

    Black coffee in the morning. Water throughout the day. Black coffee again in the afternoon. If it's a weekday I have root beer, cream soda or grape crush with dinner. If a weekend I have wine. Before bed about 3 or 4 times a week I'll have an alcoholic beverage or three. My liquor is scotch...
  10. robhr

    Do you walk in strange patterns?

    Yeah I do it too. Not always but sometimes. Leaves, however, I always step on dried leaves.
  11. robhr

    Your scariest experience?

    Was it salvia? Sounds like a pretty average salvia trip. I'm not sure if I want to share my scariest experience. Maybe I'll just give you the cliff notes... These guys, they wanted to rape and torture me to death, but I managed to avoid them by the skin of my teeth and now they're no longer a...
  12. robhr

    How did you start with RPG Maker?

    Hi Omni. It's me Kit Carruthers/robhr/robrsh2.
  13. robhr

    Share Your Mental Illnesses!

    Mild schizophrenia. I don't hallucinate, I just have thoughts I can't control. Honestly I like it, a lot of brilliant stuff comes out of it. Also Anxiety, Schizoid and mild OCD. And most notably I have pretty severe PTSD. It messes me up.
  14. robhr


    Yeah I love snakes, but then I love all animals.
  15. robhr


    I have a crappy little iPhone 4. I got it for free with a new plan, like... 4 or 5 years ago? Maybe longer? Back when the iPhone 5 was the newest. I think, when I have the money, my next one will be a Samsung.
  16. robhr

    What music gets you pumped while making games?

    Mostly instrumental stuff, like ambient and post-rock. Sometimes the music I made for that particular dungeon.
  17. robhr


    Ah yeah, you're just as bad off as we are. Maybe worse.
  18. robhr


    Whereabouts in Canada are you from?
  19. robhr


    I know, yeah. Also what part of the surface of Mars? Certainly not the poles. It's all quite arbitrary. But yeah Winnipeg can get to around -50C with wind chill. I believe our record was -70C with wind chill.

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