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  1. zimzim

    Cropping a Picture by Script / Eventing / Plugin

    It works like a charm now! Thank you so much @Aloe Guvner :guffaw: The added feature to reset the cropping is also very useful. I'd definitely put you in my game credits + free key for you when the game is released. :) Here's hoping that you will also found a solution to the 'autocrop beyond...
  2. zimzim

    Cropping a Picture by Script / Eventing / Plugin

    @Aloe Guvner Wow! Thank you very much for your kind effort to assist me. I really appreciate it! :D I've tried out the plugin (RPGMaker MV 1.5.2), but ran into an error: What I did was I put the plugin command right after the Show Picture command: Perhaps the way I wrote the plugin...
  3. zimzim

    Cropping a Picture by Script / Eventing / Plugin

    @VeryXInh I have about over a hundred busts for each character, and to make each bust in multiple sizes, say about 8 different sizes, would definitely shoot up the game size. Each bust is about 150 KB, so to estimate the size: 100 busts x 10 characters x 8 sizes x 150 KB = 1,200,000 KB = 1172...
  4. zimzim

    Cropping a Picture by Script / Eventing / Plugin

    Is there any way I can crop a picture, specifically a character bust, by script / eventing / plugin? I have a character bust which I want to display in different heights for different scenes. I know that I can create multiple character busts of different heights by photoshop, but if possible I...
  5. zimzim

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    @Sharm Thank you so much for your wise and detailed advice! Your words on choosing the art style to fit the overall feel of the game is something that didn't really cross my mind in a way that makes me aware of it. However, I'm set on finishing my game despite the design imperfections, as long...
  6. zimzim

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    @Lorenze I've discussed with my team about that actually. I have an art advisor in my team (yes, I'm so bad with art that I need an advisor!), and he said that it's most likely fine since the character sprite is chibi, and that chibi by nature is super-deformed. He said that it's a valid...
  7. zimzim

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    My first map and my first screenshot Saturday! :D
  8. zimzim

    MV Blending Modes

    Hi. Anyone know what type of blending modes are allowed in RPGMaker MV? I had a discussion with my map artist on how we should go about with mapping in MV, and one of the issues raised is on lighting. He asked what blending modes do MV allows, which I'm not entirely sure frankly. I've...
  9. zimzim

    State Help: Chance To Inflict Confusion When Struck?

    You'll have to use the lunatic mode. I've done this before in my old project. I'm not sure if this script still works though since it came from an old version of Yanfly Buffs & States Core, but give it a try. Oh, you also need Yanfly Skill Core I think. Let's call the state that has a chance to...
  10. zimzim

    BrandedTales Free Writing and Editing Shoppe [Closed]

    I also have the same inquiry as Thomas. I'm definitely interested in this kind of service. Not now though, but soon.
  11. zimzim

    RMMV 1.6.0?

    F-Secure also barked at me. It notified me that the file node.dll in nwjs-win-test folder is a generic malware.
  12. zimzim

    Mine too. My F-Secure is screaming at me everytime I tried to open RMV.

    Mine too. My F-Secure is screaming at me everytime I tried to open RMV.
  13. zimzim

    Gradual Blur Effect with MOG_PixiFilters plugin

    @Jonforum Thanks for the reply Jon. However, that filter you suggested is for gradient blur, i.e., its effect is something like half the screen is blurred and the other half of the screen is not so blurred. What I'm looking for is blur effect that applies to the whole screen, and the blur...
  14. zimzim

    Gradual Blur Effect with MOG_PixiFilters plugin

    Hi. I'm trying to make a gradual blur effect using one of Moghunter's plugin: MOG_PixiFilters.js With this plugin, the blur filter happens instantly. What I want to do is make the blur effect gradually stronger over time. What I had in mind is to use linear interpolation or lerp, where the...
  15. zimzim

    January Goals and Progress Thread

    2017 was good, but not great. It was a chaotic year. I missed a lot of my deadlines. Lots of story revisions. But at least the story premise is now definite, and I've also done most of the activities in the brainstorming phase, so yay! :guffaw: Looking at my work plan, 2018 is going to be a...
  16. zimzim

    Failure of Most Game Dev Teams

    Too many decision-makers in a development team can also be one of the reasons for the failure. Unless the team members were all extraordinarily understanding and compromising, I believe there'd be conflicting ideas and visions during the process, which may be difficult and takes a lot of energy...
  17. zimzim

    How to give technical support to your game?

    I'm planning to release a commercial game in the future. So naturally, my customers will expect technical support from me. However, I'm not much of a programmer, and my programming skills are only up to creating and fixing RPG Maker MV plugins. I'm quite bothered with the possibility of my...
  18. zimzim

    Okay! Admit it! Who buys more resource packs than what they use? :)

    During my early years as a game developer, I thought owning a lot of custom assets would allow me to build a great game since I'm not an artist/musician. Later on, I found that much of the tilesets/busts etc. were incompatible and unfit with what I have in my head. To use all of them in one...
  19. zimzim

    RMMV S&H :Excellent Adventure

    Hahaha wow!! That's one awesome looking battle!! I really like the way you change the music to something else when they change their "form".
  20. zimzim

    RMMV Demon Phase

    Excellent! I actually enjoyed playing the demo! But as @hiddenone mentioned, the title music was too loud and, in my opinion, out of place. Maybe choose a more mellow, yet dark, title music to fit the game's atmosphere? Story-wise, I'd say it has a very interesting plot. The main characters are...

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