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  1. mightYXu

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @esby Absolutely love this. I'm a big fan of RTP and your map blends right in. You are using parallax mapping right? None of these tiles look like stock RTP, there's at least a slight edit to all of them... I really dig it. The only minor distraction i see is the shadows. Not sure but think the...
  2. mightYXu

    Avy's MV Stuff ~ Newest: Trash cans and some handy character edits

    Fixed "Elven Crown" so it is fully functional in the generator (SV, TV, TVD color replacement). All files with implementation friendly names. Download Link SV TV TVD
  3. mightYXu

    MV Parallax Mapping for Beginners (3 Part Video Series)

    Found it very educational and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!   :rock-right:
  4. mightYXu

    Forum Maintenance and Renewal

    This is great news. I really wanted that preview function.  :thumbsup-left: :D :thumbsup-right:
  5. mightYXu

    Next Few Months of Video Game Releases

    Torment Tides Of Numenera is coming out in a couple of weeks. Helped kickstart it back in 2013?, so I've been waiting a long while for this, but think it will be worth it.
  6. mightYXu

    Games you think are underrated

    Banished is really great, especially for being developed by a single person. The music in it is so zen...
  7. mightYXu

    Finishing My PS3 Collection before they are gone

    I heard "Red Dead Redemption" and "The Last Of Us" are great games. Haven't played them though =/
  8. mightYXu

    How many people here use or know about Bitcoin?

    Mined for a couple of weeks when bitcoin was relatively obscure and it was still viable to use your PC to do so. A couple of years later when the BC prices spiked i reopened my forgotten account and discovered that i had 3 coins laying around. O happy days...
  9. mightYXu

    About GIMP

    Mind sharing which ones you prefer? Personally I'm still learning GIMP, and use it to edit sprites. I still find it a bit cumbersome, but that's probably the uphill learning curve. I would recommend however a few settings that makes it a bit easier. 1 - Single Window Mode 2 - Global...
  10. mightYXu

    First RPG game you ever played

    I wonder... Earliest memories of RPGs is prolly plaing SNES roms coz couldn't afford buying a console back then. I'm glad I did, because got to play gems like Lufia, 7th Saga, Bahamut Lagoon and of coarse all more known classics. Oh, the memories...
  11. mightYXu

    Getting That Nostalgia Fix

    Just got boxed Shining Soul for GBA. Don't even have a working gba, but used to play it a lot when i was a kid. The feels... 
  12. mightYXu

    What is your favorite Trading Card Game?

    For now Hearthstone is great to pop in and play against friends and do the dailies. But overall Pokemon TCG, it is the first tcg i played so there's lots of nostalgia and i love the digital version on the GBC.
  13. mightYXu

    Community Characters Thread

    RMW Name: mightYXu Character Name: mightYXu Class: Clown Personality: Breaking the fourth barrier (every barrier??) Materials: Go ahead and use/edit to your heart's content.
  14. mightYXu

    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    I see, do people use it for MV? Says it's optimized for VX Ace.
  15. mightYXu

    Problems with spoiler tag and no reply preview.

    Just want to chime in on this thread: I'm having similar issues. Also would love to see a preview function on forum posting so you know how the reply will look before you commit and post.
  16. mightYXu

    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    What tileset is this? Looks very neat.
  17. mightYXu

    Loading settings in character generator suggestion

    Oh, didn't realize it saves all three settings in the json. Must say i find it weird, why would anyone want to do that? Maybe I'm missing something...
  18. mightYXu

    Loading settings in character generator suggestion

    Hi, one minor q.o.l improvement that could be done to RMMV character generator is when you load a saved profile, MV should open the right TAB and show the character.  Currently, if you load a character, you need to go through all the tabs (male, female, child), in order to find who's been loaded.
  19. mightYXu

    RPG Maker MV "Underwater Cliff tiles"

    Also having trouble finding submerged mountain tiles. There's no default submerged tiles as found in VX Ace right? (not my work in attachment)
  20. mightYXu

    How does forum permissions and privileges work?

    I see, thanks, that makes sense.

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