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  1. Coping with Thoughts of Unoriginality

    I don't cope with thoughts of unoriginality: I enjoy them. I see my project as a continuation of the traditions of good old Final Fantasy which Square Enix abandoned for some lame ass experiments and action games. Yes, Legend of Terra Firma is samey same as Final Fantasy 4-6. That's the entire...
  2. Triple Triad Card Game

    Any update on being able to use evals for rules?
  3. What do you use Luck for?

    I repurposed Luck as "Wisdom". It is the attribute that determines the effectiveness of White Magic (healing spells). My game has a class based mechanic that can be altered by junctioning Avatars (summons). If you junction an Avatar, you gain a small spell repertoire if you didn't have it before...
  4. New skill Type(RPGMAKERMV)

    Absolutely no plugins are needed. Skill types are completely editable within the database. My game, for example, has the following skill types: Summon, White Magic, Black Magic, Battle Magic, Blue Magic, Ninjutsu, Tricks, and a separate Limit Break skill type for every character. What you need...
  5. How do you organize your statuses?

    I do organize my states, since my game is very state heavy; the protagonist is a status ailment specialist. All status effects are grouped into the following sequences: : System Reserved: knockout, guard and immortal. : Black Magic: standard status effects inflicted by the main character, Oscar...
  6. Guns

    I have a few ideas on how to implement guns and make them different from swords. : Make the gunner the designated ranged character by introducing game mechanics that make range matter: rows, targetability, flying enemies; : Make the gunner less dependent on his character stats and more on his...
  7. Changing The TP Bar To Act Like The MP Bar

    You only need TP if you want specifically TP mechanics such as Limit Break-style filling from damage. If you want your bar to behave like MP, just use MP. Rename it; for example, I gave my MP bar a neutral name of "Energy", or "Erg".
  8. Opening Movies/Cutscenes

    In my opinion, flat lore dumps are boring. I made my opening cutscene a little more interesting. In it, the protagonist's brother - who is this game's Big Bad but so far masquerades as a good guy - speaks to the protagonist, and his lines alternate with short scenes introducing each of the...
  9. Damaging state?

    The obvious option is negative HP regen which is in default. However, Burn sounds like an elemental DOT effect. To make an elemental DOT effect, you need Yanfly Buffs and States core. Just write the code that does elemental damage, taking resistances and mdf into account, in the comments section.
  10. Using the 'Immortal' State.

    The intended use of the Immortal state is for making your own recurring minibosses similar to the Turks in FFVII. For those who never played FFVII, the Turks are a sort of MiB agents/ spies / secret policemen who work for the enemy megacorp. You encounter them as minibosses several times in the...
  11. What do you do with elements in your game?

    I use a variation on the classic elements. There are three Natural Elements, three Destructive Elements, three Dark Elements and one and a half Special Elements. The Natural Elements are Air, Earth and Water. You can gain spells of these elements from Avatars (summonable spirits), they are...
  12. Waifu2x: Blur & Pixelation Buster!

    Tried bilinear as well. Too blurry for my taste. Nearest neighbor is too bricky, bilinear is too blurry. Waifu2x is neither. And no, I am not going to redraw 100+ sprites from scratch without using generators.
  13. Waifu2x: Blur & Pixelation Buster!

    Nearest neighbor
  14. Waifu2x: Blur & Pixelation Buster!

    I tried Photoshop, and I like the results much less than what I get from Waifu2x. My entire game uses tall character sets made in the RMXP character generator and resized using Waifu2x (I do not use the actual RMXP RTP, only the generator output). Also, RMXP characters are 32pt, not 16pt, which...
  15. Music Making・For Dummies (You want to create a music but does not have a musical background)

    You should not ignore diminished chords. They are interesting and have their own distinctive sound: very tense, lost, anxious. Also it helps to know seventh chords. Not necessarily for using them as chords: you can have a melody including notes that are sevenths to the root note of the chord...
  16. Waifu2x: Blur & Pixelation Buster!

    I've recently tried a new image resizing algorithm called Waifu2x. It is based on neural networks and is advertised as a lossless art resizing tool. I tried it and was very happy with the results. Here is an example: an RPGXP-sized character converted into a tall character for RPGMV. As you can...
  17. What are you tired of seeing in RPG Maker games?

    Someone above mentioned Sephiroth rip-offs. I have to admit that during the initial stages of conceptualizing my game (Legend of Terra Firma), its big bad Reaves Gerrard was a Sephiroth rip-off. However, I realized it is bad and Reaves gradually developed his own schticks. First, I decided to...
  18. Tutorials! Yes or no?

    What do you think about in-game tutorials? What should they cover? Basic things about movement and combat? Detailed descriptions of how to play? Or should they only cover the unique parts of your game, assuming that the player already knows how JRPGs roll? In my game, there is the basic...
  19. Add Droppable Item during combat: what am I doing wrong?

    What I am trying to code is a modification of Yanfly's Enemy Thieves snippet that would work the following way: * When enemy thieves steal your items, they are not added to the stealable item pool, they are added to droppable item pool with 100% probability. What I wrote was: As far as I...
  20. Reasoning and plot holes

    My game has a story which motivates the characters to move from place to place. For example, in Chapter One, the protagonist is a member of an order of magic knights and receives orders and missions. In chapter two, the big bad is revealed, and protagonist travels the world trying to learn the...

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