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  1. Spoopy

    Animation Software, Any? (Preferably Free, or Very Cheap)

    As @Archeia suggested, Krita is a good piece of software, they recently added in animation features, which include onion skinning, on top of that it has a wrap mode for painting tiled textures. Blenders NPR rendering is quite good too and I'd highly recommend it, the learning curve might be...
  2. Spoopy

    Can a story ruin a game for you?

    Depends on the genre, I don't care much for story when it comes to say FPS, Fighting games or racing games. Platformers, RPG, Horror survival needs story. A lot of games follow generic plots and tropes, which often time makes me lose interest, it's a shame the industry forces this narrative of...
  3. Spoopy

    VSCode RPGMakerMV Intellisense [UPDATE - Sublime & Atom Support!]

    Thank you for this to you and the others involved, much appreciated. Also thank you for the Node.JS plugin tutorial on your site for MV.
  4. Spoopy

    Physics for Pixi

    I'm not sure about the code behind MV, but came across a thread on another forum about physics for Pixi. One of the users suggested using Matter.js, which has support for Pixi. Would it be possible to integrate this to bring physics into MV?
  5. Spoopy

    How do I stop character sprite movement?

    @Andar Aah thank you, I had a give gold event that had stepping on it at the beginning of the game, I may have accidentally checked it on. The save game still had it on, so it got fixed when a new game was started.
  6. Spoopy

    How do I stop character sprite movement?

    I'm using a custom character sprite sheet [3x4], the walking animation will still play while standing still. How do I stop the character from doing this?
  7. Spoopy

    Replaying Chrono Trigger, then a wild Youtube video appeared

    Playing Chrono Trigger again, was watching some videos about the game on Youtube, when a random video started playing, It's titled SIC ILL - Chrono Trigger (NOTE: The Tr is something else). It's an hour of this guy rapping over Chrono Triggers music. Shadilay well memed.
  8. Spoopy

    Kind of excited for Long Gone Days

    I was watching random reviews for RM made games, and a vid came across about Long Gone Days. It looks like an interesting title, approaching war from the soldiers mind instead of glamorizing war. The sprite work is beautiful and the techniques they used to set the mood is quite amazing. They...
  9. Spoopy

    Video background option for title screen

    Description of the Feature: Allow playing a looping video file on the main menu Use audio from video instead of BGM Support for overlay layers Mockups: Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following: More advanced effects on title screen Showcase game or...
  10. Spoopy

    mario sprites needed

    You won't find it here, those are copyrighted characters and even if you do find them on other sites, you risk getting handed papers from Nintendo's lawyers if you upload a game onto the web using those sprites. Some time ago even Twitch streamers got into trouble for streaming Mario fan-made...
  11. Spoopy

    A question regarding copyright

    You can try a reverse search of the image on a website called tineye. If successful it will show every website that uses that image or something similar.
  12. Spoopy

    New to RPG Maker MV and want advice on how to stay focused

    As @NPX said, use the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle, do your core first, I'd suggest creating mind maps on paper, or even better code your javascript in Netbeans and download the mindmap plugin for that to keep it all together in one environment. Start creating world, character, enemy...
  13. Spoopy

    Japanese culture in Western made RM games

    @Titris Thrawns Firefly :'(
  14. Spoopy

    Japanese culture in Western made RM games

    @Titris Thrawns @BrandedTales I get it, I myself have watched anime since childhood, although most anime I watched were English dubs. Even then the honorific things were never used. It's like having western RPG's all of a sudden having Sir and Miss etc. in front of every name while the character...
  15. Spoopy

    Japanese culture in Western made RM games

    @Lonewulf123 I guess cringey describes the feeling I feel when I see it.
  16. Spoopy

    First RPG game you ever played

    Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss
  17. Spoopy

    Japanese culture in Western made RM games

    This doesn't really bother me, but it seems pointless to me. I've noticed in some western RM games that people would add -kun or -chan and replace teacher with sensei, despite the entire game being in English and often times not even set in Japan. It is somewhat silly and distracting, often...
  18. Spoopy

    RMMV Browser game, missing resource

    @Andar I can understand if it was an issue with case sensitivity, however I'm doing the test with the standard assets from MV. It's good that you mentioned it as I didn't think to keep that in mind for when I create assets and deploy to Unix based systems.
  19. Spoopy

    RMMV Browser game, missing resource

    Sorry Shaz and Kes, yes I've switched to MV from ACE. All the files are in the folders. I wonder if it could be a browser caching issue. I do web development, so I often remove the cache to get immediate results on code changes.
  20. Spoopy

    RMMV Browser game, missing resource

    I was testing my game in a browser, everything runs fine, except for when battles occur. During a battle, it will load the resources, but at random it will give an error that the resource is missing with a retry button. No matter how many time I spam the button, it won't find it, despite the...

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