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  1. Basileus

    Designing a combat system: Where do you start?

    When it comes to combat systems, the first thing that comes to mind for me is to decide on a few core mechanics to base everything around. Combat in an RPG is basically a game within a game, especially for JRPGs which often have quirky gimmicks or subsystems. Dragon Quest - Built a foundation...
  2. Basileus

    OP Main Character in a Game

    This really depends on whether they are OP in the lore or OP in the actual gameplay. I would point to Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria as two recent games that played with this concept. In Tales of Zestiria, the MC pulls a sword from a stone and becomes the chosen one. In the story he's...
  3. Basileus

    Suggestions for being trapped in dunegeon with no health potions?

    @JosephSeraph Yes, post-battle healing is typically used in the sense of long-term vs. short-term risk rather than an easy vs. hard scale. I understand the argument that a game might choose to be difficult through hard individual battles instead. However I don't really see post-battle healing...
  4. Basileus

    Suggestions for being trapped in dunegeon with no health potions?

    This would highly depend on how hard you want the game to be. Save points in dungeons (unless you allow saves anywhere) allow the player to create checkpoints so if they mess up too badly they can reload the save, or return to that point if they die so as not to lose too much progress. Save...
  5. Basileus

    Earning money and passive income mechanic

    As a mechanic, passive income is a bad idea unless there is something the player must do to earn it. Having money just given to you on some kind of timer leads to easy accumulation of money in the background and pretty much makes the in-game economy pointless since the player only needs to wait...
  6. Basileus

    Making Almost Everything "Interactable"

    I rather liked how Tales of Berseria handled interactive elements in the environment. Basically, there was always a visual indicator like a shiny sparkle on something or a small icon over something. The player could get items from the shiny spots, usually crafting materials. Icons like a small...
  7. Basileus

    Perspective (topdown or sideview?)

    How side-view are you talking about? Something like Castlevania that locks the player to a purely flat plane with no third axis of movement at all? Or something more like a 2.5D beat 'em up - like River City Ransom - that has still has a few tiles to move toward and away from the screen? If...
  8. Basileus

    Are status effects that last the whole battle too powerful to make 100% chance to inflict?

    Just curious, but what is the design intent behind having a skill inflict a state that lasts the whole battle? If the debuff is applied by a skill that can be used multiple times in a battle, then the effect would usually need to be low so that it needs to stack a few times before becoming...
  9. Basileus

    Additional Turns: Fun or Game-Breaking?

    I guess it really depends on what can be done with the extra turn. Limiting actions on the bonus turn could be a balancing lever. There's a lot of ways to do it though so it really depends on the mechanic you are referring to. Dragon Quest often gives bosses 2 actions per turn. This makes them...
  10. Basileus

    A Task at Hand

    Considering that your friend wants you to show your commitment to a project, I think the most important thing for you is actually making a finished product. I cannot stress enough how important it is to actually have a completed project under your belt. A lot of people meander and add or remove...
  11. Basileus

    Innovative Combat Design

    This is a bit of a misrepresentation of the Dragon Quest series. DQ is traditional and keeps a lot of the same base mechanics, but it does innovate with each title by introducing new mechanics. It doesn't change as radically as Final Fantasy but it actually does a lot of things FF never did and...
  12. Basileus

    Storytelling Question

    To keep it broad, I would say that you need to consider what each step of the game means for your character's story arc. If the final dungeon is meant to be the big moment where the MC faces their destiny, then it makes sense for the MC (and the player) to know what that destiny is before then...
  13. Basileus

    Battle Formula: Why?

    I used the basic attack as an example, but that actually applies to everything that uses the Attack stat for damage. You could bypass this damage reduction on skills by having skills do flat damage or having them scale with a different stat, but if you want physical skills and magic skills then...
  14. Basileus

    Forecasting Enemy Intent (Slay the Spire-like battle flow)

    This reminds me a little of Fate/Extra, which had a system where the player and enemy each had 6 actions per turn with some telegraphing. There were 3 basic attack commands (Attack, Guard, Break which have a rock-paper-scissors triangle) plus Skills, Items, and Code Casts. During the planning...
  15. Basileus

    Battle Formula: Why?

    I don't think it's just about the 0 damage issue, I think it's also about scaling damage. If the player's damage was a simple (a.atk - b.def) calculation, then every attack upgrade would be pretty much negated every time the player encountered new enemies. Say the player's starting Wooden Sword...
  16. Basileus

    Info dumps and exposition in your story writing?

    While I'm against long info dumps, I don't think a game needs to introduce and hook its player on gameplay before it can tell a story. Final Fantasy IV proves this. The game begins with a cutscene showing a fleet of airships flying over the world map. We see a knight and his soldiers seize a...
  17. Basileus

    That moment when...

    @Wavelength I had a moment like that too with a Touhou fan-game I found. It was the first RM game I found that had tons of unique skills that called common events in battle - stuff like skills that triggered tarot card mini-games and spinning cards to determine the effects. There were some cool...
  18. Basileus

    Recreating Existing Games for Fun and Practice

    I wouldn't make a game 1:1 like with all dialogue and attempting to make characters move like the cutscenes in the original game. But a stripped down version could be a very good learning tool. Like with super short dungeons and only a little dialogue, just enough to hit a story beat then move...
  19. Basileus

    Opening Movies/Cutscenes

    I don't really like big lore dumps at the start. I don't need to know the entire history of the big war that started everything to begin the game. Just because something is important does not mean you must reveal it right away. If the Great MacGuffin War is important to the plot, then have the...
  20. Basileus

    Hard Choices in an RPG setting?

    To add to the Mass Effect examples, the first Mass Effect game also ties player access to dialogue options to their cumulative choices. The more Paragon choices you make, the more Charm ranks/options get unlocked. The more you select Renegade, the more Intimidate ranks/options you get access to...

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