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  1. Carillon Nightmares

    RPG Horror: Patches

    About: Patches is a one-man project surreal Horror RPG game in development inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It was based on a short story written by Carillon Nightmares and is now being translated into a Horror game for RPG Maker VX Ace.  Genre: Puzzle, RPG  Game Flavours: Horror...
  2. Carillon Nightmares

    Okami Characters (Waka, Issun, and Eclipse!)

    Some characters I drew a while ago from Okami and Okamiden. ^_^ Waka: Issun: Eclipse (Dark Chibiterasu)...
  3. Carillon Nightmares

    Arevulopapo's Particle Engine for RPG Maker VX

    I had a little incompatibility problem when trying this out, so I removed some of the scripts I wasn't using. Possible Incompatible Scripts: OriginalWij and Yanfly Collaboration - Keyboard Input Dynamic Sound Emitting Areas/Events (VX) by modern algebra [VX Snippet] ◦ Change Windowskin ◦ □...
  4. Carillon Nightmares

    How to make A Timer (As Item/Escape Sequence Rather Than Enemy Timer)

    <---- Instructional Video HereFirst off, make an event in the bottom corner of the screen (make the event parallel process). Next: *Note, you can always put something else after the timer stops, I'm just using Game Over as an example...
  5. Carillon Nightmares

    Cat Edits (Cats That Walk Upright)

    Just some cats I made in the past couple of hours with different hues. Enjoy. Please use for non-commerical games and credit me. Please credit PinedaVX for this.

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