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  1. NinJaRed


    Hey everybody sorry to backtrack but I couldn't quite figure out how increase the width of an event's image (beyond the 48x48 or 96x96 for big sprites) I'm trying to make these big fat rock creatures that lumber around the map and I want 'em tall and wide!!! I'm such a noober I need someone to...
  2. NinJaRed

    Extend max limit of MV database

    Hey sorry to necropost this one but I just had to ask what the heck version of Pokemon are you playin' homie? There are only like 807 currently, where did you get 1000+ I wanna know bro! Also, what was your final count?
  3. NinJaRed

    RMMV RPG Board Game

    chaucer this is AwEsOmE!!!
  4. NinJaRed

    I have a problem with pearl abs rpgvxace. I need help

    Whew sorry I'm a little late to this one. It's been a little while since I did this but I remember having the same issue... If I remember correctly, you have to revive them and heal them (possibly back to full health) it's a strange little thing but I remember finding a good work around for it...
  5. NinJaRed


    mjshi you're the best!!! @Zeus81 if you read this you should really mention mjshi's script (above) in the main post (so it doesn't get buried down here) Also, I'm not sure if anybody mentioned this but I recommend set the resolution to 640x360 it's small but at least it's a 16:9 aspect ratio
  6. NinJaRed

    Pearl ABS System: Automatic Gun possible?

    This post got me interested in rpg maker vx ace again LOL but seriously I will pay $100 (or more) for someone who can figure out how to shoot/use tools while moving!!
  7. NinJaRed

    Limit an Event to Only Approach a Specific/Defined Side of the Character

    Yanfly's EventChasePlayer is probably gonna be the plugin you want. In fact, the function you want might already exist! I haven't looked into yet but anyway, it's at least a good place to start:
  8. NinJaRed

    Ludum Dare + RPG Maker

    Yea that definitely is still a requirement (custom art, music, sfx, etc) although if that is something you can do, you could spend the majority of the time working on that stuff and since rpgmaker takes care of the major "coding" for you (which I'm sure is the bulk of time spent by most of the...

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