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  1. Love Mapping Contest

    I haven't been here for a while, nor have I done anything in RPGMaker in a while. But a mapping contest sounds fun.
  2. Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    Walnut ice cream? Never had it, sounds good though. The walnut and ice cream cones looks amazing.
  3. Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    Modular status icons...brilliant! So simple, yet so useful, and they look good, too.
  4. Hail! ARMR from ARMR Studios here!

    Munchkin is awesome, played some Magic: The Gathering when I was younger, like the game, don't like the way you get the cards (random packs). Welcome.
  5. Happy Holidays 2015

    Ready, and willing.
  6. Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    I will second that, and also mention a Kris would be good, too. They both have very distinct shapes that could make very nice icons. I recognized a lot of the weapon you made, but couldn't put a name to many of them, very good work, especially on the Kusarigama (Thanks Bon Bon.)

    The only success I have had is a mix between the first two. has a very good random name generator. (Link) I usually try to find something with meaning, but then go a couple of names away to obfuscate said meaning. For instance the name Sandrine (Which I used in A Hole In the...
  8. What's the programmings languages you experimented or learned?

    I'm not really proficient with any. But, I took a programming course in high school, and learned some Java, a programming course in college and learned some C#. I did some of an online course in Ruby and just started one (2 days ago) for Javascript. So...very vaguely familiar with those.
  9. Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    Loving the big opal, and the (I assume, I don't know gems well) opal ring. The pocket watch is also very nice and there is a ton of detail on those peanuts. In terms of outside of the box, gems could be used for a quasi-materia system. The pocket watch could be used for time spells, or for a...
  10. Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    And that is ignoring coloration. It is extremely cool and useful. I haven't actually gotten around to using them though (Icons can always be added at the end of a project, and I have only finished one game and it was in a different art style). Busy day today, but I will try to see what I can do...
  11. CC's Christmas Key Giveaway!

    Thanks for doing this. Blackguards looks pretty cool, I would appreciate a key. Just throwing this out there, Mount & Blade is a little dated graphics/animations wise (and honestly it never looked good) but if leading medieval armies from a first person action perspective sounds like fun to...
  12. Free Tavern & Inn for MV or Ace

    I like it, it doesn't really fit with any art style we have here (I think, I have a bad eye for that stuff), but it looks very nice. I would like to see more in this style, and if you can keep quality up, I would be willing to buy a pack if you ever choose to go that route.
  13. Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    I love the detail on those, especially the ID and syringe.
  14. Each Character has Impact by Class

    That sounds fun, you need to figure out a way to limit it so players don't feel like they have to grid items to do well in the game, but beyond that sounds great. I would try to get some of your other characters involved in there own way with there own mini games.
  15. Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    I got a couple of those too, but watch that obvious axe be something completely different rotated to a weird angle.
  16. RPG Maker VX Ace Playtest problem

    Since you can't seem to find it do a search of your computer for that file. If you find it and see what is on it maybe it will remind you where you used it.
  17. Unequipping +HP items kills the character

    Oh, you recreated the Morrowind death potion...bug?
  18. -withdrawn-

    I tend to agree with the male parts, though I would say that most the male characters you can make with it look to be younger than 15, not that they necessarily look female. Cronus has made some different faces for males that help in that regard...
  19. RPG Maker MV Game Making Drive

    I didn't have access to the forums most of the week. I was visiting my brother and he was having internet issues. Got a few maps done though.... I can add pictures anywhere else on the forums...but not here.
  20. RPG Maker MV Game Making Drive

    Busy week for me, not much time today, traveling tomorrow and Friday, but we'll see what I can get done. My project is set in the future, in a more magical version of our world. Though the magic has mostly been forgotten a group (currently nameless, I'm bad at names) using a fusion of magic and...

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