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  1. Is a VNM battle system possible?

    Hi, by default, VN Maker has no battle system. However, with enough experience, it is possible to create one even without using scripting. But at time of writing, there is only one game I am aware of which ever created a full battle system without any scripting which is the game "Path of the...
  2. Application Preferences keep resetting to defaults

    I see you are using the Standalone Version? As far as I know, that one is not up to date(not exaclty sure though), you should use the Steam Version to get the latest 1093 version. You can use your product key for Steam as well. I think for the standalone version, if you installed it into...
  3. Strange problem with multiple text macros.

    Hi, can you show the content of your macros?
  4. Application Preferences keep resetting to defaults

    I remember we had that issue in the very beginning after release with 1-2 people. I think it might work out, if you open the preferences, make your changes, close the preferences dialog and then just wait for a minute. Then close and open vnm again and see if it has been saved. Otherwise, do...
  5. I Can't Get Live Preview To Show Up

    Hi, ok we can try to set a flag which maybe changes something as I mentioned earlier. First you should navigate to the installation folder of VN Maker. Just right click VN Maker in Steam, go Properties and select Browse Local Files button. Then right click the Visual Novel file and...
  6. I Can't Get Live Preview To Show Up

    Hi, yeah it is as I thought, there is no WebGL/OpenGL available on your PC it seems or it cannot be accessed for some reason. Your are using a Mac, so that error on a Mac is actually odd. It seems you are using an 8 years old Mac but it works fine on my 7 years old mac book pro. When did you...
  7. I Can't Get Live Preview To Show Up

    This is looks like a "soft-crash". If it still not works after restarting VN Maker, press F12 to show up the debug console and show here if there are any errors. At first look I think it might be an issue with the OpenGL support on your PC. If that is the case, a graphics driver update would be...
  8. New to Things: Some Questions

    Hi, VN Maker is focused on Visual Novel games. So there is no Map Editor or Maps where you can put NPCs or anything. However, you can define Characters for your VN in Database and you can also assign properties/states/values to them and check/change them later in the game. You can make choices...
  9. Background Picture gets stuck! What do I do?

    Hi, does that mean that this issue actually doesn't happen for yourself but only for one or more of your players? If the game is saved while the bug is present there is a chance that it will be immediately there if you load it. It is at least worth a try I think.
  10. Background Picture gets stuck! What do I do?

    Hmm I think I can understand your issue but we would need a clearly reproducible case to figure that out. Maybe if you are able to get that bug again, maybe create a save game. Then when you load the save game if the bug immediately appears, if you send us your game and the save-game files it...
  11. Add choice not working

    Hi, what do you mean with sub-scene? If you have scenes grouped under a scene, just right-click it and select "Delete". A confirmation message will popup and if you click Yes it will be deleted. If you call Show Choices, all choices added by Add Choice will be shown and the internal choice...
  12. Gender identification

    Hi, you still need help our you figured this out? The Condition command can be use similar as IF in RPG Maker.
  13. Background Picture gets stuck! What do I do?

    Hi mardin, you have 800 backgrounds in just one scene at the same time loaded? That would be a little bit too much. But from the description of your issue, I remember a similar issue. So basically, one of your backgrounds will also become visible when changing scene where it actually should be...
  14. Player name input help

    Hi, if you look at the screenshot posted, there is actually the Text Variable command I talked about. In that example, the operation is "Set". But that is not what you need in your case, you have to select "Append" as the operation. It allow to add another piece of text to an existing text. RPG...
  15. Player name input help

    Hi, if you use the Action UI Input Text CE, the text will be stored in a global text variable. I think in your case it is G:0003 PlayerName. You can use the Text Variable command with the Add operation and add another piece of text to the existing text, like the surname. That should do the trick.
  16. Game load error

    Hi, are you using STABLE or BETA? Does it happen on BETA too? (Backup your project before any testing). Because I remember some save/load issues have been fixed in there.
  17. Making Card Games?

    Hi, it depends what you mean with "full card games". The example which ships together with the VN Maker is a simplified version of Black Jack which has been done without any scripting. The royalty-free card images are part of it too. Technically, even much more complex card games or other mini...
  18. Layered Parallax

    Hi, does that tutorial help?
  19. "Layered Music" commands

    I think as Archeia said, its already supported to play multi-layered music. Just expand the Play Music command, there is a number you can set. There is even a Random fade-out fade-in feature to make looping non-noticable.
  20. Highlighting Selections?

    Hmm there would be other ways to do it using Add Hotspot command but I wonder why you want to make things more complicated? Is it an issue for you to have two backgrounds? Wouldn't that be even easier than dealing with a bunch of single images?

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