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  1. Drakath


    I've downloaded this today and started playing. I enjoy it so far. I've come to Ferdel Mountains. I should say that some of these musics are amazing and drawing me more into the game.
  2. Drakath

    A simple question but i don't know how to even look it up

    You probably mean custom tiles and tilesets. The squares you fill in the map are called tiles. And VX Ace allows you to add your own tilesets from database. Search in this site or google for tilesets and you'll find some of them. These are an example of things you can find on this cite and, one...
  3. Drakath

    Drakath's Recolor Shop - Back!

    I'm working on it, I'll edit this post when I get my results.
  4. Drakath

    Drakath's Recolor Shop - Back!

    smh19294, I can't see the pictures you posted so I can't really do it untill you re-upload them so that I can see. WinninngZero1, as you said the last post was last year so I wasn't even looking at the topic... If you still need it done, I'm starting right now. Here are my results: Well, the...
  5. Drakath

    Steins; Gate Code Geass Deadman Wonderland

    Steins; Gate Code Geass Deadman Wonderland
  6. Drakath

    VE - Visual Equip

    Um..., I can't really seem to get this to work. I read the header of script. Can someone used and made this to work explain me how do I do it? --Edit: I don't need to get it to work anymore. I found another script that just do what I want. (It's Modern Algebra's Visual Equip script, if anyone's...
  7. Drakath

    SolarGale's Workshop

    Looks dark =_= That capital L reminded me Death Note anime.. Anyway that was definitely what I wanted thanks! Looks great! /\_/\ I'm gonna share my cookies with you! (+_+)------^ [-->-> [/\__/\
  8. Drakath

    SolarGale's Workshop

    Title: Lordslayer Title Colour: Dark Grey/Dark Blue (with gradient?) Style: Style 3 Vectors: The one in the example you gave behind "Demon's Rock". I would like to see it behind this one also :) Additional Info: It's what I say up there. Lordslayer text with dark grey to blue gradient and...
  9. Drakath

    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I thought it would be like this too. It gave errors with the thing I ws writing so I thought of asking here but after you say that I tried it in a simpler way and it worked. So I'm doing something wrong with the script I'm writing :) . Thanks for explaining.
  10. Drakath

    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Umm hello there! I want to ask something and hope this is the right place. And let me say this pre-hand: I'm using RGSS2. Can anyone tell me how hashes(that's what they're calld right?) work? What I mean is: If I do the following---> my_data = { 0 => ["This is 0" , 0], 1 => ["This is...
  11. Drakath

    My First RGSS2 Script: Quest Board

    Umm this script is nothing much as it is and I can't promise it to be such a great script when it is completed. But if you want to use it, especially in a commerical game, don't forget to credit me. :) By the way, "my sripts"? I've just started scripting with this one script, but I hope I...
  12. Drakath

    My First RGSS2 Script: Quest Board

    First thing I'm trying to acomplish is getting used to RGSS2 and Ruby. I just started scripting and wanted to see where I can get to. And about my quest system, first I want to have a quest board which you can look available quests and accept quests. And quests would change from time to time...
  13. Drakath

    My First RGSS2 Script: Quest Board

    Introduction While I was working on my first project I wanted to make my own Quest System. So I started off with adding a Quest Board first. Instead of making some message windows I wanted to script my own thing. I started to watch GubiD's tutorials on YouTube. And I've read some Ruby scripting...
  14. Drakath

    Call a Common Event Before and/or After a Player Attacks

    Battle Engine Melody has an option to give weapons to enemies. But when enemies attack with those weapons, weapons does not trigger their effects. I've tried this on a plain project with only BEM and this script. It works fine for actors but not enemies. Is that supposed to happen or is...
  15. Drakath

    Drakath's Recolor Shop - Back!

    This is what I got after a few minutes. ıf you didn't like I might work on it again. Actually I'm gonna work on the sprite again even if you don't want me to.. I really didn't like it. EDIT: Here my second result for the sprite.
  16. Drakath

    Drakath's Recolor Shop - Back!

    OKi here is my first try. I really messed up but I'm gonna ask one thing. Did you like the upper parts being purple? I mean its reddish blue in the battler image so i think something like this would fit. If you liked it I'll go on and try to make it look not "messed up".
  17. Drakath

    Thalzon's Battlers and Faces

    You haven't put something about rules on using them on your main post so i want to ask you can we use these? And we should give the credit to you or someone else or a group of people? You got really awesome battlers there btw.
  18. Drakath

    Drakath's Recolor Shop - Back!

    I think it's time for a bump? It was more than 72 hours ı guess... And.. really? isn't there anyone who wants some recolor? EDIT: I've just read the rules topic again. OK, bumping a shop may be silly but I'm so much bored and I want requests that I can do. And... I hope I don't get warned...
  19. Drakath

    Arum Reference World Map [Submit your new countries here]

    I want my place here (defined by the X) --> Enargria Creator: Drakath Seen in: <N/A> Details: - Ruled by a king and an advisory council. Primary race is human. - Magic usage is very common in the country because of the strong energy coming...
  20. Drakath

    Community Characters

    I didn't have any community sprites in but I always wanted one... So I now with some new-learned skills, did this, Kaduki actor 39 recolor by Alexander Amnell and me, Kaduki actor 69 recolored by XD465. (i took his cloak). Frankened by me. Omg i didn't know this much people...

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