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  1. Christmas Pack - 12 plugins for your project!

    Just wondering if this topic is dead or not, it seems the last post was quite awhile ago. I'm curious if the issue with the ABS plugin giving an error that refers to a note being undefined was ever addressed or not?
  2. Animated Enemies

    I was actually wondering the same thing, because I am having the exact same problem with weapons displaying. His example image shows enemy SV Battlers using weapons, but regardless of how I set it there is still no weapon image used. And I know it's not a plugin conflict because this is the only...
  3. Adding more things to Battle Result Pop Up Plugin

    Not sure if this is necro-posting or not, but I felt I needed to add this so anyone else wanting to see level ups in the popup would know how to do it without adding an entirely new plugin. Now, I'm no coder; still learning myself in fact; but after looking through the Battle Result Popup...
  4. Preload Manager

    I was wondering at first if the size of the BGM file was a factor in how long it takes for the music to play on the title screen. However, even with the preloading plugin parameters set to true and the music file specifically named in the .js file as instructed in the file, I am still...
  5. Terrax Lighting system

    The above quote is directly from the help information for the Terrax Lighting system. The issue I'm having is that this doesn't work as I would expect it too. 1. It doesn't work on the player, which is what I would expect it to work on and not the event it's set in. 2. Including the word...
  6. RPG Maker MV Extended Generator - Version Alpha 0.10 - Update on the 7th September 2019

    I like this generator compared to the one provided with RPG Maker MV, especially the fact that you can choose a body type. This function alone would give the ability to create non-human or humanoid type characters and have an animation for them to create animated enemies in side view battle...

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